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ALL DATES ARE APPROXIMATED and sometimes cited (or adjusted) from the work of Archbishop James Ussher and Sir Robert Anderson. Both did extensive work on an accurate Biblical Timeline taken from the genealogies recorded in Scripture. As a result, some disagreements exist since these genealogies can be interpreted differently by various Bible scholars.

The Old Testament

Creation--------------------------------4004 BC
Garden of Eden--------------------------4004 BC
The Fall of Man – Adam’s Sin------------4004 BC
From Adam to Noah-----------------------4004 to 3000 BC
The Great Flood & Noah’s Ark------------2348 BC
Noaic Covenant of the Rainbow-----------2348 BC
Job's Suffering and Faith---------------Before 2100 BC
The Tower of Babel----------------------Before 2100 BC
God Sends Abram to Egypt----------------2091 BC
God's Covenant with Abram---------------2081 BC
The Covenant of Circumcision------------2067 BC
God Promises the Birth of Isaac---------2067 BC
The Destruction of Sodom----------------2067 BC
Death of Abraham------------------------1991 BC
Joseph's Dreams and Betrayal------------1898 BC
The Birth and Adoption of Moses---------1525 BC
Moses Sent to Deliver Israel------------1446 BC
The Ten Plagues on Egypt----------------1446 BC
The Exodus Begins-----------------------1446 BC
The Isreaelites At Mount Sinai----------1446 BC
Moses Receives the Commandments---------1446 BC
The Golden Calf and Moses' Anger--------1446 BC
The Twelve Spies------------------------1445 BC
The Death of Moses----------------------1406 BC
Birth of Samuel-------------------------1100 BC
Saul Becomes King-----------------------1043 BC
Saul's Disobedience--Samuel's Rebuke----1028 BC
David Kills Goliath---------------------1024 BC
Saul and His Sons Killed----------------1010 BC
David Made King over Judah--------------1010 BC
David Reigns over All Israel------------1003 BC
David Plans a Temple--------------------1000 BC
David Defeats the Philistines-----------998 BC
David's Grievous Sin with Bathsheba-----993 BC
Nathan the Prophet Confronts David------991 BC
David's Psalm of Repentance-------------991 BC
Solomon is Born-------------------------990 BC
Preparation for building the Temple-----979 BC
The Building of Solomon's Temple--------966 BC
Solomon's Death-------------------------931 BC
The Kindom is Divided-------------------931 BC
Ahab's wicked reign---------------------874 BC
Elijah Flees Jezebel--------------------858 BC
Elisha Called---------------------------858 BC
Elijah Taken up to Heaven---------------851 BC
Elisha Succeeds Elijah------------------851 BC
Jonah Sent to Nineveh-------------------760 BC
Isaiah Prophesies The Root of Jesse-----730 BC
Israel Led into Captivity---------------722 BC
The Call of Jeremiah--------------------627 BC
Jeremiah Proclaims God's Covenant-------622 BC
Ezekiel Eats the Scroll-----------------593 BC
Ezekiel Vision of the End---------------593 BC
Siege of Jerusalem Begins---------------588 BC
The Fall of Jerusalem-------------------586 BC
Ezekiel Sees Resurrection of Dry Bones--585 BC
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego---------585 BC
Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream------------------582 BC
Daniel's Handwriting on the Wall--------539 BC
Daniel in the Lion's Den----------------539 BC
Daniel's Prayer and the Angel Gabriel---539 BC
Temple Work Begins----------------------535 BC
Temple Work Resumed by Darius' Decree---520 BC
Completion and Dedication of the Temple-515 BC
Esther Becomes Queen--------------------478 BC
Haman Seeks Revenge on the Jews---------474 BC
Haman Is Hanged-------------------------473 BC
Purim Instituted------------------------472 BC
Ezra Commissioned by Artaxerxes---------458 BC
Families Return to Jerusalem with Ezra--457 BC
Completion of the Wall------------------444 BC
The Word of the LORD by Malachi---------430 BC

The New Testament

Birth of John the Baptist---------------4 BC
Birth of Saul of Tarsus-----------------4 BC
Birth of Jesus--------------------------3 BC
Visit of the Magi-----------------------3 BC
Escape to Egypt-------------------------3 BC
Slaughter of Infants--------------------2 BC
The Baptism of Jesus--------------------26 AD
Jesus Calls his First Disciples---------27 AD
Wedding at Cana-------------------------27 AD
Sermon on the Mount---------------------27 AD
Jesus Sends out His Twelve Apostles-----29 AD
John the Baptist Beheaded---------------29 AD
Jesus Raises Lazarus--------------------30 AD
The Triumphal Entry---------------------30 AD
Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit----------30 AD
The Last Supper-------------------------30 AD
Jesus' Betrayal, Trial, Crucifixion-----30 AD
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ--------30 AD
The Ascension---------------------------30 AD
The Day of Pentecost - Church Begins----30 AD
Saul Persecutes the Church--------------31 AD
Saul's Conversion on the Damascus Road--34 AD
Peter Preaches to the Gentiles----------37 AD
Peter Led from Prison by the Angel------42 AD
Herod Agrippa Dies----------------------44 AD
Paul's First Missionary Journey---------48 AD
The First Jerusalem Council Meets-------48 AD
Paul's Second Missionary Journey--------49 AD
Paul in Thessalonica, Berea, Athens-----49 AD
Paul in Corinth-------------------------51 AD
Paul Writes to the Thessalonians--------51 AD
Paul Writes Again to the Thessalonians--52 AD
Paul in Ephesus-------------------------54 AD
Paul Writes to the Galatians------------54 AD
Paul Writes to the Romans---------------57 AD
Paul imprisoned in Caesarea-------------60 AD
Paul Stands Before Agrippa--------------62 AD
The Shipwreck---------------------------62 AD
Paul Preaches at Rome-------------------62 AD
Paul Writes to the Ephesians------------62 AD
Paul Writes to the Philippians----------62 AD
Paul Writes to the Colossians-----------62 AD
Paul Writes to Philemon-----------------62 AD
Paul Writes to Timothy------------------62 AD
Peter Writes his First Letter-----------64 AD
Paul's Letter to the Hebrews------------65 AD
Paul Writes to Titus--------------------65 AD
Paul's Estimated Date of Execution------65 AD
Jude Writes his Letter------------------68 AD
Romans Destroy Jerusalem and Temple-----70 AD
Jews Scattered Throughout the World-----70 AD
John Writes his First Letter------------90 AD
John Writes his Second Letter-----------92 AD
John’s Revelation of Jesus Christ-------95 AD

Theodor Herzl Begins Zionist Movement---1897 AD
Balfour Declaration Opens Jewish Homeland---1917 AD
The Rebirth of the Nation of Israel-----1948 AD
End-times Officially Begin--------------1948 AD
Israel Regains Jerusalem in Six Day War---1967 AD
Plans to Rebuild Third Temple Begin-----1987 AD
Jerusalem Declared to be Israel's Captial---2017 AD
Prophesied Ezekiel 38 War Starts to Form----2018

The Church Age (Also Known as The Age
of Grace) Started at Pentecost in 30 AD
And Continues to the Present Day


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