Dreams & Visions

Many in the modern church are taught to reject an important supernatural aspect to their faith. The Holy Scriptures teach that God uses dreams and visions to speak to His people. The Bible says that these things will increase in intensity as we approach the end of the age. Joel 2:28-30 tells us:

"And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit. And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke."

"Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets." (Amos 3:7 KJV)

Supernatural events, like dreams and visions, always demand that Christians excercise a high level of discernment. The following reports are given for your consideration and edification. We do not claim any level of authenticity except to say that they come from sources we believe to be "reliable and reputable". They are supplied as a source of encouragement for believers watching for the soon return of Jesus Christ for his Church. These kind of visions are happening all over the Body of Christ, especially with Christian children--and they're increasing as the time of the end approaches.

In August, 2004 Oral Roberts received a vision of some kind of an atmospheric disturbance over New York City. The vision obviously shook Oral to the place where he referred to it as a "wake-up call" and immediately went on television to explain what happened. Below are his comments:

"Instantly I heard that voice…and then I saw with my eyes something I'd never seen. Suddenly, in the clouds in the skies above New York City and the east part of the United States, and which hung there for quite some time and then spread out across America, without touching the ground, and then God defused it away from America and sent it out to the nations of the earth…

"I saw something coming down from above: Smoke and vapor and blood, or it looked like that to my eyes, to my spiritual eyes. There it was hanging so huge until it almost blotted out the sky…And then I heard God's voice…He said 'This is one of the signs of the end time because the world is not ready for the second coming of my Son…My Church is not ready for the second coming of my Son…The Jews, with whom I've had the covenant for thousands of years, they're not ready for the second coming of my Son…The nations of the earth are not ready for the second coming of my Son.' "

The Lord went on to say that He loved people so much that He didn't want the Second Coming to occur in it's finality without people knowing about it. Oral said that little is being said today about the Second Coming. He said we need to, with urgency and a "fire in the belly", start preaching about it again. On his television interview he explained how the Second Coming occurs in two phases. First, Jesus returns in the air to remove his people (the Church) and then after a time of Tribulation Jesus returns physically to the earth (accompanied by the believers he removed earlier) to establish his kingdom. (Paraphrased)
Read A.A. Allen's chilling vision entitled, "The American Evangelist's Vision" from the 1950's concerning America in the last days.

The American Evangelist's Vision

Kenneth Hagin recalls part of a disturbing vision he received in September of 1950. Obviously, this vision has not happend. Yet, the current terrorism war is bringing us closer to its fulfillment:

"I saw the skyline of a large city. Looking closer I saw its skyscrapers were burned out hulls, and portions of the city were in ruins. It was not written that just one city would be destroyed, burned, and in ruins, but that there would be many such cities. . .I read, "America is receiving her last call. Some nations have already received their last call and will never receive another. 'Then in larger print it said, "THE TIME OF THE END OF ALL THINGS IS AT HAND.' "
International evangelists Larry and Linda Garza appeared on a Christian television channel in Houston, Texas. While being interviewed by another pastor they told about a vision where Jesus appeared to them and said he was coming back--but first wanted one last harvest from Muslim nations. Larry and Linda described the miracles of how God kept them safe while preaching the Gospel in Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and two other mid-eastern nations. Jesus told them that after they returned from preaching He would return. They left in 1998 on their assignment and recently returned in the early part of 2004. They are now warning us that the return of Jesus Christ is very near. The Garza's head up "Heavenly Vision Ministries".
Below are the words of Peter Kumar, an evangelist from New Zealand: "I am an itinerary evangelist and have just returned after holding series of meetings both within New Zealand and outside New Zealand. The Lord spoke to me, as if a man would speak to me, on November 26th, 2000. It was 2:45 AM and the Lord said, 'Peter I'm coming very soon', the Lord has mentioned to me several times that He is coming soon. So I went on my knees and was waiting to listen and then my spirit began to converse with the Lord and I asked Him to give me some signs from which I will know that He is coming soon. The Lord gave me 2 signs that morning. The first sign was Yasser Arafat. The Lord told me that He has kept this person in this particular time and context according to His purpose but soon He will remove him. When He said this I saw a picture of a hand holding a set of cards and another hand picking a card and throwing it down as if the card would not serve any purpose anymore. Then the Lord said, 'after I remove him, Peter look for the works of the anti-christ.'

"Your questions about the timing of rapture makes me think aloud with you while I am very careful not to suggest a month, day or year, I believe rapture will happen when the first peace accord will be arrived and negotiated for peace arises and brings forth an apparent peace."

Yasser Arafat died (was removed) on November 11th, 2004.

Here is Rev. Patterson's own words about his son's vision: September 2000

"Ronnie was walking his dog Sandy and singing praise to the Lord on a warm September 2000 day after school. Suddenly, he was in the spirit in the presence of the Lord.

Ronnie saw a huge field of beautiful flowers in heaven, each one perfect and without flaw.

Then he saw a big wall with a large gate made of solid white pearl columns. On each side, outside the gate, was huge warrior-like angel about twice the size of a normal man. Ronnie said it took very powerful beings to open the enormous gate.

"Next, Ronnie saw past the gate into the beautiful city on the other side. Every building was made of some material that was as clear as pure water. In the middle of the city, he saw two giant chairs or thrones in an indescribable throne room.

Ronnie could not see clearly the figures on the seats as they were engulfed in a cloud-like spirit similar to a force field or a glowing mist of energy.

"Ronnie was absolutely certain by the power and the presence that these were the thrones of Almighty God, the Father, and Jesus Christ, the Son, surrounded by an unmistakable manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Ronnie was also amazed at a smooth, peaceful, beautiful music that seemed to be all over heaven but was most noticeable in the fields of flowers.

"After seeing all of this, Ronnie for the first time during this experience, heard a voice speaking directly to him saying, 'Son, look over here.' Ronnie then saw a long series of horse stables as far as he could see to the right and to the left made up of individual horse stalls. Each stall contained a magnificent white horse with angels standing with the horses as caretakers. (One angel per about 20 horses).

The Lord told Ronnie that after He removes His people from the earth, Jesus will remain with them in heaven a short time and then lead them back to the earth riding these white horses. He said Jesus will put an end to all who oppose Him and will establish His kingdom in the earth.

"As the vision concluded, the voice of God continued to speak to Ronnie. The Lord told Ronnie not to listen to the devil any longer. He said that the devil had been condemning Ronnie with lies trying to make him believe that Ronnie was worthless, helpless, without value, and on his way to hell. God told Ronnie that Ronnie is His child, 'a child of God,' and that He was well pleased with him.

"Next the Lord told Ronnie to stop grieving over being 18 years old and not being able to drive a car as Ronnie had driven himself almost crazy with disappointment over this. The Lord said to Ronnie, 'I AM COMING SO SOON FOR YOU AND MY PEOPLE THAT THERE IS NOT TIME FOR YOU TO DRIVE ENOUGH TO JUSTIFY LEARNING' .

Ronnie had been upset by a friend who believes Jesus has no father. The Lord said that teaching was false. There is one God in three portions, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He also told Ronnie that His fury was at a maximum over the way that His people Israel are being persecuted.

"The last thing He spoke to Ronnie was a request. He told Ronnie to comfort his dad and to tell him to continue the radio and television broadcasting. He said to keep preaching the soon call of Jesus for His people to come up to heaven.

Ronnie told the Lord that there was only one other thing bothering him. He was heart-broken at the thought of going to heaven and leaving Sandy behind (Sandy is Ronnie's dog). The Lord told Ronnie not to worry because she is coming with us. I love animals and people (not in quotes, but presumably said by the Lord).

"Ronnie wanted to distribute this to as many people as possible, especially his family so that he can warn them to give their lives completely to Jesus Christ and won't have to be left behind when the Lord calls His people home."


Rev. Patterson, Ronnie's dad, say's " that Ronnie's experience with the Lord in September 2000 was so real and so totally life-changing that Ronnie's zeal and expectation of the rapture has not waned one bit and in fact grows every day. He says that Ronnie is a totally different person. He is not interested in girls, cars or anything else -- only Jesus and the soon rapture. For example, when Ron takes him to a sporting event, all Ronnie does is to go and approach strangers, telling them that Jesus is coming soon, and to be ready. Ronnie does not even pay attention to who is winning and does not care. He approaches strangers everywhere with the same message. He is consumed with the reality of what Jesus showed him and said to him in September 2000". He told his dad, "If you had experienced what I experienced, you would understand why I think and act the way I do.

To Heaven and Back: A child's vision following a pool accident.
April 15th, 2004

The story of Kennedy's accident and healing is a miracle by itself. But there is so much more.

I desperately wanted to know how Kennedy got on the bottom of that pool. There were almost 40 people at the party, and no one saw him get in the pool. Why hadn't I watched him more closely? The guilt began to gnaw away at my conscience.

After Kennedy was able to talk, I said, "You were asleep for a long time, I have been missing you. What did you do?" He answered, "An angel picked me up and we flew. We flew through walls, clouds, and I flew through you, Mommy."

I asked him what the angel looked like, and he told me the angel had long white clothes. Kennedy told me they flew to heaven and that there was a door with jewels all around it and "when they opened that door, it was snowing in there."

I was careful not to put words in Kennedy's mouth, I wanted this to be his memory. The only time I asked him a detailed question was when I asked him if he had seen his Uncle Mark in heaven. Kennedy told me that he did see Mark in heaven and that he looked "just like Jesus, and all his boo-boos were gone." He told me Mark was happy and that he wanted to stay in heaven.

Kennedy told me that Jesus held him and that there were a lot of angels. Kennedy also described seeing a volcano. He told me, "There were people in the volcano, there was a dragon in there with them and they were sad, there was fire all around the volcano."

As Kennedy was describing all this to me, I asked him continually if he was ever afraid. He said, "No, I was with Jesus and Uncle Mark, and I was standing on glass; I was invisible." I asked Kennedy how he got back, and he told me Uncle Mark gave him a push and an angel flew him back. I asked him if he would like to go back to heaven again someday, and he said, "Yes, but Jesus is coming here."

Kennedy was a little boy who two weeks before his accident would have gotten upset if you discussed death and going to heaven with him. He was just 4, and he wasn't prepared for that. He didn't want to leave Mommy. Now, suddenly, he's a boy who tells us about Jesus and heaven with excitement and joy. Our son saw Jesus.

Many people have asked us how this experience has changed our lives. For one thing, it has turned us into fanatics when it comes to children and swimming safety. But more important, it has given our family a boldness to shout from the mountaintops what the Lord did for our little boy and what awaits us when we leave this world.

I know that Kennedy's experience will sound unbelievable to most people. And I understand. In fact, it would mean nothing to us if we did not have God's Word. Kennedy's story is a whisper, and God's Word is the trumpet.

Vision of Francis Hunter of "The Happy Hunters". This vision happened years ago and the Hunters are advanced in years, yet still living.

She writes: "I got the shock of my life! Standing beside me was a tall angel, about 8 feet high, with huge broad shoulders. I had never seen an angel before.

Totally enraptured and amazed by this encounter, God spoke to me in a beautiful loving way. God did not speak through the angel but spoke clearly to me through my mind and my spirit.

The awesome words He said to me are branded on my heart today, many years later, just as deeply as they were burned into me that night.

"That is a special warrior angel I have sent to protect you from the fiery darts of the devil until Jesus Christ comes back again."

Did you pick up the most special words in that message? The Spirit of the Lord said: "until Jesus Christ comes back again". He did not say, . . . "until you die!" He said: "until Jesus Christ comes back again".

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