Opening Comments on Eric Barger's
"The Most Dangerous Cult"

Sooner or later, any serious student of the Bible discovers the following disturbing characteristic about church leaders - and Christian people in general ;


It's almost impossible to
find anyone who teaches
the entire truth about the
Gospel of Christ - and His
great salvation.

This statement represents the dilemma we face when deciding whether to provide information from other ministry websites. As a result, we constantly point visitors to a disclaimer that explains our actions - which is available HERE.

Concerning the authentic Gospel of Christ, there are two general categories of information. First (and most importantly) there are "the essential truths of salvation", which include ...

The virgin birth of Christ

The Divinity of Jesus Christ

The death, burial and bodily
resurrection of Christ

The necessity of confessing
Jesus Christ as Lord

Salvation by Grace through
faith - apart from works
and human merit (given as
God's gift)

Christ's sacrificial blood
that takes away all sin

This is why we insist that these 'essentials' must be embraced by any ministry we link to or endorse. Yet, many churches believe that the full Gospel of Christ consists of only these "essentials". This belief is incorrect for the following reasons :

There are other important Biblical truths which are also part of the Gospel, yet not included in the "essentials of salvation" such as; the "Sealing of the Holy Spirit", the believer's position "in Christ", the future "Rapture of the Church" - and the benefits and blessings of "The Spirit-filled life".

We choose to focus on the topic of the Spirit-filled life because it attracts so much criticism, yet remains a central truth concerning how God operates in His Church after the cross. It involves topics such as "The Baptism in the Holy Spirit - and the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit" as taught in 1 Corinthians 12:1-11. These important benefits are directly tied to the present-day government of the Holy Spirit, who now indwells all true Christian believers since Pentecost; as recorded in Acts chapter 2, Romans 8:11, 1 Corinthians 3:16-17, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 and 1 John 4:4. Unfortunately, for approximately the last 100 years, this subject continues to generate vicious disagreements from within certain fundamentalist sectors of the church.

Despite their importance - and contrary to the opinion of some who hold to various Pentecostal persuasions - these truths concerning the operation of the Holy Spirit are not included in the list of "essential truths for salvation". But, this does not mean we should ignore or consider these benefits to be unimportant. It only means that, in a strict Scriptural sense, possessing God's gift of eternal life (or salvation) does not depend on our theological position concerning these issues.

This is why we often provide crucial information from other ministries with whom we disagree on subjects which are not included in "the essentials".

This video Bible study by
Eric Barger entitled ;

"The Most Dangerous Cult"

contains crucial information
for the entire Christian
Church - and for that reason
should not be withheld
because of any disagreements
concerning other issues.

Eric appears to have a strong fundamentalist/evangelical background (similar but not identical to ours) and often quotes Dr. Walter Martin, author of the popular book; "Kingdom of the Cults". He performed this teaching from the pulpit of "Twin City Fellowship" on April 28, 2012. No visitor to our website should think that providing this video means that we agree with all the beliefs of Eric Barger or Dr. Walter Martin (but we do agree with most of them). Likewise, no visitor viewing this video should think that we agree with all fundamentalist groups, some of which work to undermine or 'explain away' the New Testament impartation of "The Baptism in the Holy Spirit" - and the more controversial gifts of the Holy Spirit included in 1 Corinthians chapter 12 ... that we uncompromisingly embrace. Contrary to the beliefs of many devout fundamentalists, we acknowledge and support the present-day operation of all 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit - as taught in 1 Corinthians chapter 12 and many other places in the New Testament. None of these gifts have ceased - and will continue to operate until the end of the Church Age. They are an integral part of the Holy Spirit's program that began on the day of Pentecost in Acts chapter 2. This makes them crucially important regardless of those who disagree.

Barger's "Take A Stand Ministry" operates in Christian Apologetics, which is an unpopular area of ministry that "contends earnestly for the faith" as taught in Jude 1:3-4. The modern theological word "Apologetics" does not mean that he "apologizes for Christianity". It involves the practice of defending the faith by exposing spiritual counterfeits, cult-like movements - and even aberrant denominational doctrines that distort and seek to replace true Christianity. While not purely "Apologetic" in nature - the Rock of Offence ministry agrees with this same practice of "contending for the faith", which is why we repeatedly warn about the dangers of spiritual counterfeits in the Church. It is probably for that reason - on a scale of 1 to 10 - that our agreement level with Eric Barger is between 8 and 9, which is extraordinary considering the times in which we live.

You can find more information
concerning our position on
fundamentalism at the following

Why the Term "Christian Fundamentalism
Causes So Much Confusion

Taking all these things into
consideration, we hope you find
Eric Barger's warning to the
Church helpful in your walk
with our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Christ,

Rock of Offence Ministries


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