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We enjoy hearing from our readers. However, recent events make it difficult for us to respond to emails in a timely fashion. Some questions cannot be answered in a paragraph or two and requires an effort that may no longer be possible for us. In the past, some responses we gave were the size of a small book.

This website is designed as a ministry of Christian and Bible commentary that is focused on evangelism, the authentic Gospel of Christ--and exposing many of the dangerous spiritual counterfeits and religious misconceptions, which are popular and covertly operate in the worldwide Christian Church. That means our website has a defensive and abrasive tone that can offend some visitors. The defense of the Gospel is, by its very nature, offensive.

Rock of Offence is not an institutional church or fellowship--and not equipped to offer personal, marriage or family counseling. We leave these ministries to pastors and other professionals who may be more familiar with your situation. We simply do not know you well enough to provide these kinds of counseling services. It is regrettable that our ministry is this limited. Every question about the Bible cannot always be easily handled through email--even though we try our best. We desire your understanding in these matters.

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Rock of Offence is a “not-for-profit” Internet-based Biblical research and public educational project of the owner. It is not a church or religious organization and has no paid staff and no building or offices. We are not a commercial business. We do not solicit money or ask for monetary “offerings” from the public. This project is referred to as “a Bible-based ministry”. Yet, it receives no monetary support that traditional religious organizations require. We do not receive any money, revenue or financial benefit from advertisements or products found or displayed on any website hyper-link, which is included on this website or webpage. We receive no compensation of any kind from any groups, individuals or corporations mentioned on this website/webpage or its hyper-links. The information found on this website is offered only as the opinion of the author. Unfortunately, we do not personally know you or have all the required information about your specific situation. For that reason, the comments and opinions offered on this website are never to be substituted for the advice of a licensed professional. All visitors should seek the guidance of a minister or professional counselor familiar with you and your family before making any important personal decisions about your life. All Scripture quotes in our research articles and commentaries are from the King James and the New King James versions of the Bible unless specifically noted. Due to the non-profit research and educational nature of Rock of Offence, we qualify under Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107 of the “fair use” clause for copyrighted materials. For this reason, any copyrighted work on this website is provided under the “fair use” provision without profit or payment for non-profit research, educational and discussion purposes only. This provision of U.S. Law can be viewed at:

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