Opening Comments For Dr. David Reagan's
"The Evil of Replacement Theology"

By William Handschumacher

Sooner or later, any serious student of the Bible discovers the following disturbing characteristic about church leaders, Bible teachers - and Christian people in general ;


It's almost impossible to
find two Christians - or
two churches that agree
on everything in the Bible.

Yet, Saint Paul commanded us
to; "all say the same thing".

This statement represents the dilemma we face when deciding whether to provide information from other ministry websites, which is why we constantly point visitors to a disclaimer that explains our actions - available HERE.

As a result, no visitor to our website should think that providing this Bible study means that we agree with all the teachings of Dr. David Reagan and Lamb and Lion ministries (but we do agree with most of them). Likewise, no visitor should think that we agree with all fundamentalist groups, some of which work to undermine or 'explain away' the New Testament teachings concerning the Spirit-filled life, which we embrace. Dr. Reagan seems to hold to a strong evangelical/fundamentalist background - similar to our own. As a result, he embraces the "essential doctrines of the Christian faith" required for authentic salvation ... just as we do.

The following Bible study by
Dr. Reagan entitled ;

"The Evil of Replacement Theology"

contains crucial information for
the entire Christian Church...and
for that reason should not be
withheld because of a few
disagreements concerning other
issues, which are now common in
the church.

After my involvement (and eventual exit) from an abusive discipleship and shepherding church over 40 years ago ... I ask the Lord to show me what went wrong. This began my spiritual education in 'Christian Apologetics', which is an unpopular area of ministry that identifies false teachings, cultic activity and wrong denominational doctrines that seek to replace true Christianity. The New Testament refers to it as; "contending earnestly for the faith" as taught in Jude 1:3-4. Contrary to popular church teachings, contending for the faith is a crucial part of preaching the Gospel of Christ and the ability to correctly interpret Bible prophecy. By drawing our attention to the popular yet erroneous doctrine of Replacement Theology, Dr. Reagan also seems to hold to this important Biblical objective.

In various studies over the last 40 years, I was shocked to learn that Replacement Theology (replacing Israel with the Church in Scripture) is a dangerous heresy that is now taught as "Historical Christianity" (Some refer to it as "Biblical Christianity"). This means it can be found, in varying degrees, almost everywhere in the world-wide Christian Church - especially among denominations that either ignore or distort Bible prophecy. Its primary error is claiming that Israel is eternally rejected by God for crucifying Christ - which is now a dominant belief within Christendom. However, regardless of its popularity ... this belief is rejected in the New Testament (See Saint Paul's comments in Romans 11:1-21). Yet despite this official rejection, the many supporters of Replacement Theology continue to insist that God has replaced Israel with the Christian Church; which they now refer to as; "The New Israel".

This causes inexperienced Christians
to treat Israel and Church as being
'interchangeable' in Scripture,
specifically in the Old Testament...
and the early parts of the New

As a result, whatever God commands or instructs Israel to do ... Replacement Theology insists that He's saying the same thing to the Church as "The New Israel". Even worse, those who support this doctrine claim that Israel's role in the Bible is now transferred to the Church ... which is a popular belief that corrupts our understanding of Bible prophecy. For these reasons, Saint Paul commanded that "Israel and the Church", often referred to in the New Testament as "the first (or old) covenant and the second (or new) covenant, must be "rightly divided" (separated and treated independently) to properly interpret the Scriptures and avoid error (See 2 Timothy 2:15 and Hebrews 8:6-13). Yet, many in the Christian Church ignore Paul's warning.

Replacement Theology radically corrupts
the Gospel of Christ into something God
never intended. As a result, it
qualifies as a dangerous heresy that
tricks many into embracing its teachings
as Biblical truth.

Taking all these things into
consideration, we hope you find
Dr. Reagan's warning to the
Church helpful in your walk
with our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Christ,

Rock of Offence Ministries

The Evil of Replacement Theology
By Dr. David Reagan

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