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2000 years ago Jesus Christ changed the course of human history. Our modern methods of documenting time honors Christ by dividing our calendar into two parts: B.C. (the time before Christ's birth) and A.D. (the time following Christ's birth). Jesus literally split history in half!

Christ is revered by many as a great religious leader. Yet, religion sentenced him to death by Roman crucifixion. Many refuse to see this contradiction. Over the centuries church organizations and religious institutions identified themselves with Christ. Some insist that their organization is the true church (God's Church) He came to build. Yet, Christ's own teachings expose them as imposters.

Rock of Offence does not promote or market a particular religious organization, church group or denomination (except to provide links for informational purposes). We're not in the business of persuading you to join any church group. However, we will give advice, if requested. Many spiritual leaders are quick to point out that joining the "local church" is required for spiritual maturity and fellowship. Normally, we would agree--but there is a problem. When comparing the "local church" of the New Testament with the modern "local church" of today--we see important differences. These "differences" demand a close examination. The "modern church" tends to use Biblical terminology that is redefined or changed from its original meaning. Redefined Biblical terms and Scripture subtly removed from its Divinely ordained context can mislead people who assume modern-day Bible teachings are basically the same as they were in the early church of Christ's time. This common practice plays havoc with your eternal destiny and it's never to be taken lightly.

When looking for a church organization you must ask yourself a difficult question: Which religious persuasion more closely parallels Christ's New Testament teachings? Is it Protestantism, Episcopalianism, Roman Catholicism, Pentecostalism, Denominationalism, Non-denominationalism, Charismatic, or Para-church? There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of sub-groupings (and doctrines) within each category. Not to mention large influential organizations like the Mormons (Church of Latter-day Saints) and Roman Catholicism that both claim to be the only true church! All claim (and sincerely believe) that they represent God. Maybe you've made your decision based on family tradition or emotional appeal. Some people believe that all these persuasions are valid--they're just different perspectives of the same God. At Rock of Offence we couldn't disagree more! Jesus taught that God's way is a "narrow" way. The author of the book of Hebrews calls it "a new and living way. Notice that it's called a "way" (singular) and not "ways" (plural). That means everyone's doctrine is not "right" just because they think it is. This is one illustration of the spiritual "mine-field" that sincere, truth-seeking people face. Add to the mix spiritual leaders skilled in the practice of using your devotion to God as a manipulation tool and you've got a recipe for disaster.

When you discover who Jesus is and what He came to do, you'll understand why He doesn't affiliate himself with any earthly religious organization. Finding a group of "like-minded" people that accurately represent Jesus Christ is a deeply personal decision. In our modern culture, a "church" is unfortunately a very dangerous place if you're dependent upon someone else for spiritual guidance. Deceptive church marketing schemes abound that can convince even the most discerning individual.

Our comments may lead you to think that we're against church organizations. This is NOT true. Everyone needs to begin somewhere. There are good church groups and caring pastors that can help you grow in your relationship with God. Yet, these good groups are few in number as we approach what the Bible calls "The Last Days". Joining one of these "good" groups does not "validate" you as a Christian. One thing is sure...God is faithful to take care of those who are truly His own. Only He can guide you through the complex maze of religious misinformation. Obtaining a knowledge of Jesus Christ is the beginning of a "great adventure". Learning to follow His voice while ignoring the allure of movements and religious organizations is the key to success.

We invite you to visit and consider what we have to say. Our website is still constantly changing and does not contain everything we want to share. Yet, you can find valuable information. Deciding to know the "Jesus" of the Bible is the most important decision you will ever make. You will find that the one who "split history" down the middle is still alive today and has the power to radically change your life in ways you cannot imagine!

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