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We may receive complaints from people who either think we control the content of the pages we link to, or that we endorse everything contained on external pages.

Neither is true. We don't restrict our links to those who only hold the exact doctrinal views we hold in every respect. There are many well meaning Christians who disagree with us on points of doctrine, although we do screen to ensure that we don't offer links to sites that promote a blatant and false 'salvation by works' - or sites that do not recognize the central truth that salvation comes by Grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Yet, when providing links to important news sources that claim to be 'Bible-believing and Christian' - even this becomes nearly impossible and sometimes forces us to compromise and make exceptions.

Reviewing the sites with whom
we share links, a number of
doctrinal issues exist that
are not presented as we might
present them. In fact, there
are a number where we are not
in agreement on many points.
Some even condemn the positions
we take on certain Bible

The following is one example of
the kind of decisions we face
concerning links to outside

We often encounter a Christian news site reporting on a problem or situation that impacts the entire Church. The subject matter is so important that it would be neglecting our responsibility as ministers of the Gospel not to include a link on our website to the material. But, after researching the organization's 'tenants of the faith', we find that they embrace doctrines that disagree with Scripture - and might even attack some of our own beliefs and teachings. Yet, they publically claim to embrace the fundamental principles of the Bible. Sometimes their foundational beliefs are so misleading (based on out-of-context Scripture) that we feel it poses a danger to some of our readers, who may be new Christians. However, the material presented by the organization in question is too important to ignore. In such situations, we will make an exception and provide the link anyway - praying that our Heavenly Father will grant them discernment.

It is important to recognize that the Bible instructs us to 'prove all things' and hold fast to that which is good. If you are a Christian, that applies to you.

People are beginning to recognize that something is terribly wrong in the world ... and in the institutional Christian Church (on both the Roman Catholic and Protestant sides of the isle), but they don't know exactly what or why. Currently, under the ungodly influence of globalism and false religious ideologies, the Christian Church, within the last 20 years, has descended into a grievous state of apostasy - but the average church member fails to notice. This is why the Rock of Offence website possesses a 'bias' toward the unpopular and offensive area of Christian apologetics (or what the Bible calls "Contending earnestly for the faith" - Jude 1:3-4). As a result, we tend to focus on those wounded and hurt by the well meaning efforts of falsely religious movements, denominations and churches ... while exposing the many aberrant teachings that masquerade as 'the gospel'.

The purpose of an evangelist is to proclaim the Good News that there is Somebody in charge, Somebody Who gave His life to obtain eternal life for us--and that salvation is open to whosoever will ask. This is the ultimate goal of our ministry and our website.

We offer links to other sites containing Christian content -- but that doesn't mean that everything they say is in agreement with what we believe. We tried that, only to find that we could find some doctrinal difference with virtually all websites -- or else, they linked to somebody with whom we disagreed, and so on. Even if we were so inclined, we would have to screen every site, every page, every day, and it would still be impossible. The only way to be sure is to not link to any site at all. That makes even less sense.

Obviously, we try not to post anything we don't believe ... and we try to be discerning. But if readers are doctrinally sophisticated enough to discern different views on other sites, we expect them to be doctrinally discerning enough to know that not everybody agrees on every point of doctrine.

If you find something you disagree with on another website, don't write us and ask us to censor their site. Write them. Or just don't go there.

Why We Don't Use Message
Boards and Social Media

We receive periodic comments from other Christian ministers about the hatred directed toward the God of the Bible. This vicious rhetoric, in the form of vulgar statements and cursing, generally comes from the political/religious left, atheists, and the LGBT Lobby. It is now public knowledge that various 'left-leaning billionaires' pay activists to harass almost anything associated with Bible-based and Evangelical Christianity ... especially those who support traditional family values. When the unpaid 'volunteers' are added to the mix, they number in the hundreds of thousands. One pastor stated that he was flooded with thousands of angry and vulgar responses on Twitter - concerning a simple statement about the goodness of God. Attempting to administrate such politically motivated nonsense, especially on a message board, takes a considerable amount of time and effort.

While it's desirable to be active on these forums for the sake of the Gospel, we decided that our time would be better spent just providing a website with various commentaries and Bible studies that speak for themselves. If visitors are offended by the material found on our site - they can simply exit and go somewhere else. This also denies activists a public forum for their propaganda and hateful comments against the God of the Bible. Offence is the price all of us pay for the freedoms we enjoy. If anyone truly wants to know God and His Son Jesus Christ, they are certainly free to visit our website.

In Christ,

Rock of Offence Ministries


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