Our Position On Site Links

We may receive complaints from people who either think we control the content of the pages we link to, or that we endorse everything contained on external pages.

Neither is true. We don't restrict our links to those who only hold the exact doctrinal views we hold in every respect. There are many well meaning Christians who disagree with us on points of doctrine, although we do screen to ensure that we don't offer links to sites that promote salvation by works or sites that do not recognize the central truth that salvation comes by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Reviewing the sites with whom we share links, a number of doctrinal issues exist that are not presented as we might present them. In fact, there are a number where we are not in agreement on many points. Some even condemn the positions we take on certain Bible subjects.

It is important to recognize that the Bible instructs us to 'prove all things' and hold fast to that which is good. If you are a Christian, that applies to you.

People are beginning to recognize that something is not quite right with the world and the institutional church, but they don't know exactly what or why. Our target audience are those wounded and hurt by the well meaning efforts of the overly religious.

The purpose of an evangelist is to proclaim the Good News that there is Somebody in charge, Somebody Who gave His life to obtain eternal life for us--and that salvation is open to whosoever will ask. And that is the focus of our ministry and our website.

We offer links to other sites containing Christian content -- but that doesn't mean that everything they say is in agreement with what we believe. We tried that, only to find that we could find some doctrinal difference with virtually all websites -- or else, they linked to somebody with whom we disagreed, and so on. Even if we were so inclined, we would have to screen every site, every page, every day, and it would still be impossible. The only way to be sure is to not link to any site at all. That makes even less sense.

We won't post anything we don't believe, obviously. And we try to be discerning. But if readers are doctrinally sophisticated enough to discern different views on other sites, we expect them to be doctrinally discerning enough to know that not everybody agrees on every point of doctrine.

If you find something you disagree with on another website, don't write us and ask us to censor their site. Write them. Or just don't go there.

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