The Covid Deception
The End Times

Preparing The World For The Anti-Christ

We Could Be Witnessing The Beginning Of The Massive End-Time Genocide Recorded In The Bible

Thousands of people (some medical insiders believe the numbers are already over a million) are now dying all across planet earth after receiving "the Covid vaccines". Dr. Peter McCullough, considered to be one of the top doctors in the U.S., claims that "whistleblowers" from within the healthcare industry are warning that the actual death toll from the vaccines (and not the virus) is estimated to be more than 200,000 in the U.S. But, that number was recently updated by a study at Columbia University as being closer to 400,000 - and that estimate was made several months ago. Globally, the death toll is estimated to be more than one million - and some medical analysts expect the body count to surge to over 30 million in the next two years among those who took the Covid shots.

The life insurance industry recently reported that a major increase in mortality has occurred. One large life-insurance company, "OneAmerica" in Indiana shocked the world by stating that "death claims" had risen some 40% over the last several years. Scott Davison, chief executive of OneAmerica recently commented:

"The data is consistent across every player in that business," Davison said. "And what we saw just in the third quarter--we're seeing it continue into the fourth quarter--is that death rates are up 40 percent over what they were pre-pandemic. Just to give you an idea of how bad that is, a three-sigma or a one-in-200-year catastrophe would be a 10 percent increase over pre-pandemic. So 40 percent is just unheard of."

Notice that Davison said that a "once in 200 year catastrophe" might increase the rates to 10%--but that a 40% increase in death rates is "unheard of". A 40% increase represents millions of dead people--and analysts are saying that the death-surge is not reversing.

Additional information is now coming in...where a second major insurance company (the 5th largest) is claiming a 163% increase in death benefits payout in the age group of 18 to 64 beginning in 2021. The numbers from this company is far worse than the ones from OneAmerica. Biden administration agencies such as the FDA, CDC and the NIH - in partnership with major news media outlets and the pharmaceutical industry - are trying to hide the vaccine injury death toll from the public. But, the insurance death benefits being paid out tell the real story.

People are beginning to wake up when they see the new evidence that shows a vast majority of these deaths are caused by Covid vaccine injury...and not the Covid virus. Contrary to what you hear from major news outlets and the Biden administration, only a small number of these deaths, estimated by some at less than 9%, are directly caused by the virus. This is why various doctors describe these Covid mRNA vaccines (there are generally 4 in use) as the most lethal in medical history.

Dr. Peter McCullough, refers to the Covid shots as "a bioweapon" possessing a secondary purpose of "marking people" for an unknown purpose. It would be well worth your time to watch his video interview provided below. Research and medical studies coming in from around the world are confirming that his observation is correct.

Dr. McCullough has 600 peer-reviewed publications to his name. Many have appeared in top-tier journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association and The Lancet. He is the president of the Cardiorenal Society of America, the co-editor of Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine and associate editor of the American Journal of Cardiology and Cardiorenal Medicine. He has led monitoring safety boards in major drug trials.

In order to better understand the hidden demonic plans behind the Covid innoculation program, we should listen to Bill Gates as he shares his views about the new upcoming vaccines - over a year before the Covid pandemic started. You can read about it - along with other important commentary at the following link.

Why am I not hearing about these
important issues in the news?

Billionaire Globalists control nearly all information sources in the United States - and the Covid vaccine program along with their plans of global depopulation sits near the top of their agenda. This is why all the commentary, studies and medical research that exposes "the official yet false vaccine narrative" are being suppressed (and even banned) on both social media and the major news networks in the United States. We are now finding that many liberal judges in the U.S. court system are participating in this illegal suppression. Surprisingly, there is more freedom to discuss this subject in the UK and Europe, which is why we often refer to these sources. We also utilize many of the excellent 'alternate news outlets' that faithfully cover these suppressed Covid stories. The only possible exception is FOX News that allows some limited discussion on its more popular conservative programs. But, even FOX is compromised (see Emerald Robinson's interview below) and slowly beginning change.

Revisiting the Nuremberg Code

One event the U.S news media refuses to report on - will likely go down in history as the most important legal case since WW2. It is currently under way at the International Criminal Court at the Hague - but you almost never hear anything about it. It was initiated by Attorney Reiner Fuellmich and his team of over 1000 lawyers and doctors from around the world. Fuellmich's team seeks to hold all those accountable (which includes individuals in the U.S.) who are pushing this mandated and now deadly Covid vaccine program ... which has destroyed countless lives and violates all ten provisions of the Nuremburg Code. As a result, this case is being referred to as Nuremberg 2.0. As of February 15th 2022, the grand jury for this case is now in session.

Emerald Robinson Reveals Why
Information On Covid Vaccine
Injuries And Deaths Are
Suppressed In The News

Thanks to a FOIA request recently made by Blaze Media, we've learned that the Biden Administration sent taxpayer dollars (also known as bribes) to major news media companies on the condition that they would give only positive reports concerning the Covid vaccines (wrongly telling their viewers they are "safe and effective" - when its now been proven they are far from being safe) ... while discouraging or suppressing all negative stories about the dangers. Emerald Robinson, who formerly worked for Newsmax (a conservative news company that accepted the government bribes) is interviewed on Steve Bannon's War Room - with information that Steve said was "shocking". Emerald reveals that both Fox News & Newsmax (along with many other mainstream networks) took Biden money to push the dangerous vaccines to its viewers.

Click on the image below for this important interview.

August 2022 important News Update:

Moderna CEO: "I'm in the process of throwing
30 million doses into the garbage because
nobody wants them. We have a big demand
problem ... Every country, and nobody wants
to take them." READ ABOUT IT HERE

How A Major Battle Was Won...
But The War Was Essentially

Informing the world about a major health scandal - is a huge victory ... when so many in the government, news/social media and the pharmaceutical industry work to suppress and cover-up the truth. Thanks to the alternate news media, the Internet - and a growing number of doctors and nurses who are speaking out to warn the public (along with a tidal wave of lawsuits currently in process) ... millions around the world are now learning they were lied to by those they trust the most.

So - why do we say that
the war was lost?

By some estimates over 5 billion people (out of a global population of 8 billion) received at least one Covid shot - and more than half of those went on to receive the boosters (while forcing their children to undergo the same treatment). Although many are now, thankfully, refusing the shots (as the Moderna CEO lamented above) - the war was lost because the 'Pandora's Box of genetic engineering and biological-warfare' (also known as "Eugenics") has now been released upon the world ... and it can't be reversed. It will impact all generations that follow through the bloodlines of the children whose parents received the mRNA Covid treatments. Some professional doctors and medical scientists are expecting global vaccine-related death tolls of at least 700 million within the next few years - and even more as the boosters are administered and received. Among athletes, the military, public education, healthcare, airline pilots - and any occupation where people were illegally forced, by mandate, to get the mRNA Covid shot ... normally healthy people are suddenly dying by the thousands, while the cause is covered up by authorities.

I wouldn't call that "winning".

In this special update, recent news is provided that fully exposes the ongoing tragedy of this carefully orchestrated scandal.


Bombshell Document Dump on Pfizer Vaccine Data Report By Global Research December 19, 2021. "Have you seen the document dump on the Pfizer vaccine data? It's a bombshell. No wonder the FDA fought to keep it hidden for 75 years". READ ABOUT IT HERE

Important Note: The information recorded in this official document release (which is ongoing) shows that they lied to the public about the COVID vaccine being "safe and effective". This started an avalanche of analysis and investigations that continue to grow.

This month (August 2022) US Senator Ron Johnson recently announced to Congress...

"We have a corrupt medical system in this country" and ... "Our federal health agencies have not been honest". Epoch News reported, 'During the pandemic, it's become clearer than ever to him (Senator Johnson) that the American health care system has been compromised by money from Big Pharma.' You can read the entire account at WorldNetDaily HERE

At about the same time, the CDC shocked everyone by suddenly reversing its policy on Covid-19. Becker News reported "The CDC is Finally Throwing the White Flag on Covid-19 Regulations" READ THE DETAILS HERE

The following is 'Bombshell Information'...

Dr. Deborah Birx - who often appeared in front of COVID-19 task force briefings on behalf of the Trump administration - has admitted to doctoring data associated with the government's response, as well as quietly altering the Centers for Disease Control advice without authorization, according to her own book. READ ABOUT IT HERE

Dr. Deborah Birx: I knew shots would not prevent COVID infection (Note: but that is not what they told the public) READ ABOUT IT HERE

US Rep. Jim Jordan Gets Dr. Birx to Admit That They Lied READ ABOUT IT HERE

Then ... FOX News interviewed Steve Kirsch, who has been doing valuable and credible research into the so-called "Covid vaccines". Surprisingly, FOX allowed Steve to say (without cutting him off) that; "Hundreds of thousands of Americans have been killed by this vaccine, and millions have been injured." (Note: Kirsch is correct) Steve then informed the audience about popular news commentator Wayne Root's experience ... "who had a wedding eight months ago ... and he found that of the 100 people that were vaccinated, he had 26 people who were seriously injured, and he had 7 people who died. And in the unvaccinated group, he had 0 and 0. That it's statistically impossible if the vaccines are safe.' Here's the interview ...

Read Wayne Root's amazing commentary at Gateway Pundit HERE

Emerald Robinson reports; "The Vaccine Money Has Dried Up At Fox News!" Emerald previously exposed both FOX News and Newsmax for quietly taking money from the Biden administration in exchange for suppressing all negative reports concerning the so-called "Covid vaccines" ... while encouraging their viewers to get the shots. Her report is not 'opinion' and is taken directly from a court-ordered FOIA obtained from Blaze Media READ ABOUT IT HERE

And more disturbing news
continues to surface...

Fully Vaccinated and Double Boosted Biden Tests Positive For COVID-19 READ ABOUT IT HERE

Fully Vaccinated Fauci, Biden, Trudeau - along with other leaders who were also fully vaccinated - Recently Tested Positive For Covid. Yet they told the public that getting the COVID shots would fully protect them from getting Covid. They lied. SEE THE VIDEO HERE

U.S. Government Deleted Covid-19 Data at Behest of Chinese Researchers. Now, a Judge Has Ordered NIH to Turn Over Missing Docs READ ABOUT IT HERE

NIH Inspector General Finds More Than Half of Clinical Trials During Covid 'Did Not Comply' with Federal Requirements READ ABOUT IT HERE

Doctors 4 Covid Ethics reports: Vascular and organ damage induced by mRNA vaccines: irrefutable proof of causality Michael Palmer, MD and Sucharit Bhakdi, MD READ ABOUT IT HERE

Canadian doctor sounds alarm over 13 'sudden' deaths among physicians since COVID jab rollout.

'Remember, these are YOUNG, healthy individuals who are always first in line to get jabbed ... Sadly, I expect many more deaths to come,' reacted the doctor. READ ABOUT IT HERE

IMPORTANT UPDATE 9/20/2022: There are now 32 dead doctors - see pictures below.

Additional information about the growing list of doctors suddenly dropping dead in Canada is now beginning to surface. Keep in mind that a massive coverup is underway to suppress any information that points to the so-called "Covid vaccines" as being the cause. Steve Kirsch is reporting that; Over 30 deaths of young, healthy Canadian doctors cannot be explained any other way than they were killed by the vaccine. READ STEVE'S REPORT HERE

The Stew Peters Show has gathered even more information - and reports; Hundreds Of Canadian Doctors Dead: Genocide Confirmed After 4th Booster Mandated For Medical Field. You can view his comments below.

Steve Kirsch also speaks about what's happening to our children when he said; Welcome to the new normal: 13-year-olds dying from cardiac arrest READ ABOUT IT HERE

World Health Organization European Advisory Group of Experts in Immunization former Vice President Professor Christian Perronne yesterday said ... "Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous for others. It's proven in Israel now - I'm in contact with many physicians in Israel - they're having big problems, severe cases in the hospitals are among vaccinated people, and in UK also, you have the larger vaccination program and also there are problems." READ ABOUT IT HERE

Israeli doctor Kobi Haviv told Channel 13 News: "95% of seriously ill patients are vaccinated. Fully vaccinated people account for 85-90% of hospitalizations. We are opening more and more COVID branches. The effectiveness of vaccines is declining or disappearing." SEE THE VIDEO HERE

Dan Bongino worked for years as a US Secret Service agent - and is now a popular talk-show host who often appears on FOX News. In this video he shares about being pressured to get the COVID shot plus one booster. But, after learning about the injuries caused by the shot - He admits that it was "The worst healthcare mistake I've ever made." He went on to say: "I don't ever try to fake it with you all. When I make a mistake, I admit it, learn from it and hope that others can also learn from my mistake." Everyone should watch this brief video segment.

The New Attempt To Cover-up
The Mounting Vaccine Death

We are now seeing young healthy people suddenly die around the world. It is so frequent that authorities are calling it "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome" or SADS ... and claiming they don't know the cause (which is a lie). While it is true that a few cases like this may have no explanation ... their statement is actually an attempt to hide the truth from the public. We noticed a vast majority of these deaths conveniently leave out the victim's Covid vaccine status before death - in an effort to silence the controversy and hinder any credible investigation. Yet, when we see the reports from major life insurance companies about the huge surge in death claims (a number that is increasing and not dropping) - death claims that started immediately after the Covid vaccine rollout and mandates ... the truth is getting out.

As reported by Steve Kirsch ... Life insurance companies in countries all over the world are reporting record numbers of excess deaths. These are not "statistical fluctuations." The deaths are all caused by a huge intervention that is affecting the health of millions of people. And it's all new. Nothing like this ever happened before 2021. Nothing of this magnitude has EVER happened in their history (which goes back over 100 years).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Using a subtle diversion tactic, health authorities (both government and private) either blame the Coronavirus - or insist that the deaths "were not from Covid", claiming they do not know the cause. They carefully avoid generating any suspicion that Covid vaccine injury is to blame. Yet, in this situation, any honest medical professional would consider vaccine injury as a strong possibility based on the overwhelming evidence that now exists. Thanks to the tireless efforts of various medical scientists, we are learning that the deaths (now globally in the millions) are actually caused by Covid vaccine injury, which the FDA, CDC and the NIH (all agencies under the authority of the Biden administration) are desperately trying to cover-up.

This is information that the Biden
administration, the liberal news
media and the Pharmecuetical
industry does not want the public
to know.

Steve Kirsch: The "safe and effective"
narrative is falling apart

Fifth largest life insurance company
in the US paid out 163% more for deaths
of working people ages 18-64 in
2021 - Total claims/benefits up $6 BILLION

More Canadian Government Data: Almost
70% Of COVID Deaths Were Among
The "Vaccinated" (WashingtonStandard)

Data from National Statistics in England
Reveals Almost 530,000 Vaccinated Have
Died Including Non-COVID Deaths
Between January 2021 and March 2022

Now that the FDA has fraudulently approved
these so-called "vaccines" for the children,
we are seeing an increased death rate in
this age group as well - and the consequences
are just beginning.

Coffins for Children Ordered in Bulk,
'First Time in Over 30 Years'
(Exclusive Interview)

If you are unfamiliar with the significance
of the Nuremberg Trials, view the following
video as a quick review.

Highly Recognized American Doctor
Provides A Sober Warning About The
Covid Vaccines

Dr. Peter McCullough is generally known as one of America's "Top Doctors" and has testified before the U.S. Congress about the corruption and abuses coming, not only from U.S. Government agencies under the Biden Administration, but also from the Pharmaceutical companies that make the so-called "Covid vaccines".

Note: This incredible interveiw is from late 2021 and the numbers Dr. McCullough cites are now far higher. McCullough clearly warns that the insistence and urgency for 'a needle in every arm' is not about fighting a virus that is easily treatable, but about "Marking" people, possibly for financial or other purposes. After performing their own research, other prominent doctors now warn that the Covid shots implant a currently unknown substance (the possible 'marking agent' - or something else) in the recipient's body ... and the process is irreversible.

Everyone should listen to this interview and warning from Dr. McCullough provided below. It was placed on the Bitchute system after being banned on YouTube and the major social media platforms ... because it exposes the false and collapsing Covid vaccine narrative.

Former Pfizer VP Drops A Truth Bomb

Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer VP ('s
the same Pfizer that makes one of Covid vaccines),
testifies before the Nuremberg 2.0 Grand Jury
that the Covid-19 vax program is part of a
worldwide criminal conspiracy. Yeadon was one
of the first professional medical scientists to
warn the public about the dangers of the
so-called "Covid vaccines", which are not real
"vaccines", but an experimental and dangerous
genetic treatment.

As of February 22nd, 2022 the following news
concerning the CDC has just been released to
the public:

In an earth-shaking revelation, the New York
Times reported that the CDC deliberately
withheld a large amount of vaccine trial
data from the public ... because "the
American people might misinterpret it".

(Click on the image below for the entire World
Net Daily Article.)

This CDC admission is so outrageous and insulting that Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr. Robert Malone teamed up and granted an interview to World Net Daily. Dr. Cole is a Mayo Clinic-trained pathologist who runs a major diagnostic lab in Idaho - and Dr. Robert Malone is the medical scientist who actually developed the mRNA technology used in the various Covid vaccines. After witnessing the deadly effects of the technology he developed, Malone started warning the public against taking the Covid shots ... and also warned parents against following the CDC's demand (and corresponding mandates) to vaccinate their children. These warnings have resulted in a relentless effort by the media and various Biden administration agencies to discredit Malone and any other doctor who decides to speak out.

In this WND interview, both Dr. Ryan Cole
and Dr. Robert Malone agreed - that by
withholding this important data, the CDC
committed "Scientific Fraud".

These two highly qualified doctors (along with many others...which also includes Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. head of Children's Health Defense) are desperately warning about the toxic nature of the Covid vaccines, which was hidden from the public through the efforts of the FDA, the CDC, NIH - and their spokesman; Dr. Anthony Fauci.

U.S. Senators Ron Johnson and Ron Paul are also working on exposing different aspects of this horrific medical scandal.

Two other prominent doctors - Pierre Kory and Peter McCullough - recently stated that this illegal government suppression (and not the Covid virus - as the government tries to claim) has killed hundreds of thousands in the U.S. alone. The suppression was used against the highly effective drugs, Ivermectin and HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine), which denied Covid patients crucial early treatment that would have saved their lives.

New research is revealing that Ivermectin and HCQ could have permanently ended the Covid pandemic without the need for these dangerous vaccines. But, the Pharmecuetical industry (with the help of the government) suppressed these inexpensive and effective drugs (and conducted a massive misinformation campaign to discourage their use) to justify the Covid vaccine development ... which is a criminal act. What the New York Times is reporting represents a major - and continuing - medical scandal that many are calling "murder". It also provides the reason why Attorney Reiner Fuellmich is totally justified in starting the Nuremberg Trials 2.0 at the ICC.

Pfizer Saw So Many Adverse Events, They
Had to Hire 2,400 NEW Employees to
Process Them

Dr. Naomi Wolf: "[Pfizer] hid, they concealed, they redacted from disclosure, forced by court, the fact that they were processing so many adverse events in the first three months... that they had to hire 2,400 new employees. They hid that; they concealed it... the volume of bad outcomes, dangerous outcomes... there were so many [that] they couldn't keep up with it with their own staff."

On FOX News, Maria Bartiromo interviews U.S. Senator Ron Johnson and Dr. Pierre Kory on the impact of censorship in the fight against COVID-19. This is a shocking interview that should be viewed by anyone who fails to understand the dishonesty, lying and information suppression practiced by those who administer the COVID vaccine program.

This is a more recent interview of Dr. Pierre Kory conducted by Greg Hunter of USA Dr. Kory reveals that research is proving that over 800,000 people died needlessly during the Covid pandemic due to the illegal suppression of Ivermectin and HCQ. Listening to this 15 minute interview will be well worth your time.

The Covid safety information the FDA/CDC was forced to release BY COURT ORDER, along with recent VAERS data (a records system run by the CDC) continues to reveal shocking information about the so-called 'Covid vaccines' ... which are not actually 'a vaccine' but a dangerous genetic treatment that causes various injuries to the human body - including death. Listen to the following news flash, provided by Dr. Peterson Pierre of American Frontline Doctors - that explains the risks, which the media and the government hid from the public.

Visitors may also find it helpful to
review this commentary from
"The Federalist" on the same topic.

The Centers For Disease Control's Lies
Have Destroyed Its Legitimacy

And These...

CDC Caught Hiding Critical COVID Data
Because They Thought Public Too Stupid To
'Interpret The Information'

More Canadian Government Data: Almost
70% Of COVID Deaths Were Among
The "Vaccinated" (WashingtonStandard)

New York Times Admitted the CDC is
Broken Beyond Repair

The New American's "Ben Armstrong Show" discusses the recent court-ordered document release from Pfizer...and how the data shows that its "Covid vaccine" (which is not actually a vaccine - but a genetic treatment) causes systemic damage to the body. According to their own safety data, it is clear that Pfizer knew about the injuries their product would produce before it was released to the public - which was almost universally described as being "safe and effective". This represents medical fraud and could legally strip Pfizer of its liability shield if proven in court.

From "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Interview:

Candace Owens Is Pissed, Goes Off On
The Sick, Sadistic CDC - Their
'Science' Broke The Law And Harmed

CV19 Virus & Vax About Control Not Health
By Dr. Michael Yeadon

Join Greg Hunter at USA as he talks
to Dr. Michael Yeadon, former 20-year Pfizer VP
(yes, it's the same Pfizer that makes one of the
Covid "vaccines"), as he explains why the
so-called CV19 vax is "dangerous," "not effective"
and is "being used for control," not your health.
Yeadon continues to sternly warn the public that
they have been lied to about the COVID shots.

You should also read Dr. Yeadon's "12 Lies of
Covid" (in PDF format) HERE

From a Stew Peters Interview:

Army Flight Surgeon LTC Theresa Long
Breaks Silence on Vaxx Injuries,
America 1st Takeover

Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and a former Pfizer employee who has researched and written about many aspects of the so-called CV19 vaccines. It was never intended to cure anything, and the paperwork proves it at Big Pharma and the CDC. Kingston explains, "We are being lied to at such a level it is difficult for people to comprehend. The American people and global citizens were told the injections were vaccines. In fact, when you look at the patents, they call them bioweapons. They call them 'toxins,' they call them 'agents of chemical biowarfare' ... Specifically, there is a 2017 patent related to what they are calling a 'vaccine.' The patent is titled 'Vaccine Nanotechnology.' ... It is owned by the NIH, and when you read this nanotechnology patent in section 9, it clearly states in some embodiments, the small molecule is a toxin, a toxin from a chemical weapon, an agent of biowarfare. What they call a 'vaccine' in the patent, they say we are going to inject people with bioweapons."

The vaccinated may be a threat
to the unvaccinated according
to an experienced bioweapons

This is a "must hear" interview.

In the following interview with The New American magazine Senior Editor Alex Newman, former military doctor and bioweapons expert Dr. Lee Merritt offers her thoughts on recent claims that Covid vaccinated individuals may be "shedding" spike proteins or something else that is hurting unvaccinated people - especially women. Blood clots, odd menstrual occurrences, and more are all examined. Dr. Merritt, is the former head of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons. She also spoke about previous research into "self-propagating" vaccines and criticized recent CDC efforts to push the experimental Covid shot on children who are not even at serious risk from COVID.

You can also view the embedded video with
additional commentary provided by "The New
American" HERE

We believe this represents God's final
warning before the Departure of the
Church; known as "The Rapture", which
also triggers the start of the horrific
Tribulation Period--that will ensnare (and
kill) billions of unsuspecting people.

Our primary goal is to spread the good
news about God's free gift of eternal
life through Christ--while it is still
available. But, we also seek to provide
information that could save your life
right now.

As of December 8th, 2021 the "Quantum-dot tatoo"
is now being deployed in Australia. This may be
the same or similar technology as, what the
Bible refers to as "the mark of the beast"
(a 'tatoo' is a mark on the body). However, the
newer QR code, which can also be imprinted on the
body is a more likely candidate for "The Mark".

ID2020--Vaccination Identification Patch Technology
is now being deployed in Australia

The Ubiquitous QR Code: Could This
Be The Technology Of The Mark?

The Messenger is Coming--And Biden White
House Plans 'Vaccine Passports' Requiring
All, Both Small and Great To Be
Marked For Passage (SkyWatchNews)

In his commentary on "Standing Up to Tyranny",
John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute writes:

In every age, we find ourselves wrestling with the question of how Jesus Christ-the itinerant preacher and revolutionary activist who died challenging the police state of his time, namely, the Roman Empire-would respond to the moral questions of our day.

For instance, would Jesus advocate, as so many evangelical Christian leaders have done in recent years, for congregants to "submit to your leaders and those in authority," which in the American police state translates to complying, conforming, submitting, obeying orders, deferring to authority and generally doing whatever a government official tells you to do?

What would Jesus do?

John Whitehead of the Rutherford
Institute answers these all important
questions--and more in the following

Stand Up to Tyranny: How to Respond
to the Evils of Our Age

The FBI's Mafia-Style Justice: To Fight
Crime, the FBI Sponsors 15
Crimes a Day

How Bill Barr's Silence Impacted
The Outcome Of An Election (Bill Barr
was the previous Attorney General
at the DOJ)

Corrupt Former FBI Agent William Tisaby
Who Bungled Investigation into then Governor
Eric Greitens Pleads Guilty of Evidence
Tampering (GateWayPundit)

The FBI's 'FAFO' Kidnapping
Plot Unravels

Waltz: Durham's Clinton Spying Revelations
'a Massive, Massive Scandal'

(Note: And the FBI/DOJ was involved in it.)

At the time of this writing the Tribulation has
not yet started. However, the four horsemen of
the apocalypse that execute their reign of
terror mentioned in the Book of Revelation
are clearly starting to ride. We personally
believe that since a majority of Americans and
their government has thrown the God of Heaven
and His values out of every area of public life,
while killing over 65 million unborn children
through abortion and abusing millions more through
"wokeism and transgenderism"--America could
receive the most severe judgment. At this time,
we don't know all the details, but the evil
depopulation effort spoken of in the following
paragraphs, now under-way...may certainly be part
of this coming judgment.

We should not have to say this, but...No true
believer in Christ should participate in this
demonic endtime program.

The Bible warns about Satan's "end game plan" ... and this is it !

A growing number of Bible prophecy teachers (including this ministry) believe that the so-called "Corona-virus" and the mandatory "shots" (along with a required bi-yearly booster to possess a valid vaccine passport ... soon to be available as a "tatoo or mark on the skin") is the vehicle that could usher in the Tribulation period foretold by Christ, the prophet Daniel and Saint John. The news media and the powerful people who control them are now positioning themselves using "mass fear and panic" to manipulate the public and to make the shots a requirement to buy, sell, remain employed, travel and conduct normal business.

This is exactly the way the Bible describes; "The mark of the beast" that the anti-christ uses to control the remaining population of the world during the Tribulation. One Catholic Nun and an outspoken Archbishop makes some surprising comments:

Catholic Nun: Vaccine is 'Training
Wheels for the Mark of the Beast'
Evil, Evil, Agenda

Archbishop Vigano Calls on People
of Faith to Unite in a "World War"
Against the "New World Order"

As a result, this anti-christ program initiated by the Covid "shots" should be of utmost importance to all who are devoted to Christ. Yet, a vast majority of ministers and their followers ignore or mock these warnings...and like those of Noah's day - will be caught totally by surprise.

Jesus said it this way...

"For in those days (speaking of the days we are now living in) there will be tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the creation which God created until this time, nor ever shall be." (Mark 13:19 NKJV)

"Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all. It was the same in the days of Lot. People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building. But the day Lot left Sodom, fire and sulfur rained down from heaven and destroyed them all." (Luke 17:26-29)

"But take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that day come upon you unexpectedly. For it will come as a snare (or suddenly--out of nowhere) on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man." (Luke 21:25-36 NKJV -- Emphasis Added)

The Biden Administration's
Disastrous Withdrawal
From Afghanistan

Most Americans are probably aware of America's major blunder in Afghanistan--giving the Taliban total control of the country. It's not only a disaster for the United States and her allies, but has resulted in trapping thousands of Americans who became hostages of the Taliban. The Afghans who supported America's involvement in their country were 'left behind and betrayed'--and many are now being hunted door-to-door and killed. The Taliban knows where everyone lives, because the United States allowed them to obtain a list of names--and addresses. This is totally unacceptable and outrageous. A vast majority of these Afghans were our trusted friends. Reports are coming in that Americans are being beaten and tortured, while the Biden administration blatantly lies to the public about the situation they created.

To make matters worse, we just witnessed a suicide bombing that killed 13 American soldiers at the Kubal airport. The US military later revealed that they had a drone that was "locked-on" the bomber, which could have ended the threat and saved the lives of these soldiers ... but was told to "stand down" by Biden's military commanders. Again, this is totally unacceptable and outrageous. Today (9/5/2021) we hear that the Taliban is holding 6 planes on the tarmac containing an unknown number of Americans that were trying to leave--and are requesting a ransom to be paid. We do not know how this was eventually resolved.

Joe Biden Is Creating Disaster
After Disaster

Another crisis is forming on our southern border as illegal aliens pour into the United States by the thousands. The FAA (now under Biden's authority) bans FOX News from flying its drones in an attempt to stop them from showing the American people the horrific videos. More information is available from Zero-Hedge at the link below:

Biden Admin Starts Deporting Haitians
From Under Texas Bridge, Fox Foils
FAA Drone Ban

Almost 2 million illegal immigrants
(including an unknown number of trained
terrorists) have breached the U.S.-Mexico
border this year alone as the crisis at
the border continues to worsen. It is
clear the Biden administration (and his
Democrat colleagues) are working toward
a completely open southern border, which
essentially represents an invasion.

Russia Makes Its Move

After observing America's weakness and confusion, it is no surprise that Russia decided this was a perfect time to invade Ukraine. Several journalists made the observation that if Donald Trump were president the invasion would not have taken place. We tend to agree. After about 17 days of fighting (it is now March 13th, 2022) - the Ukrainian people - without the support of NATO and minimal support from the U.S. has so far successfully resisted one of the most powerful military forces in the world - and a major nuclear power. However, some military observers believe that unless a peace agreement or surrender occurs, Russia will soon bring irresistible force (along with the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons) to bear - and Ukraine will fall. Yet, regardless of what happens the Ukraine invasion represents another major foreign policy disaster for the Biden administration.

UPDATE: In his recent trip to Europe, Joe Biden publicly made the statement: "For God's sake, this man cannot remain in power," speaking of Vladimir Putin. Earlier, Biden referred to Putin as "a butcher". Many interpreted his words as a demand for "regime change". Make no mistake, Putin heard this statement loud and clear ... regardless of the administration's efforts to "walk back" Biden's words.

In response to this and other actions taken by the U.S., the Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, recently stated that; "All-Out War Has Been Declared Against Russia". This means the U.S. and Russia are now in a defacto-state of war that will likely go nuclear. The Hal Turner Radio Show released a commentary about this growing threat which is available HERE

We believe, along with other Bible prophecy teachers, that this invasion (and now war with the U.S.) is likely a precursor for the Ezekiel 38 war, where Russia and Iran decides to invade and destroy Israel. Just this week, Iran fired a barrage of missiles at a U.S. base in Iraq - an unprecedented move that received little to no response. Israeli Prime Minister Bennet recently returned from a meeting with Vladimir Putin in Moscow that lasted for 3 hours. After that meeting, Bennet released an alert - that Israelis living in Russia should immediately leave the country. This is a very bad sign of things to come.

We can't be certain (and our comments will certainly offend some Christians) - but considering the paralyzing destruction now inflicted upon the United States from within its own ranks and by its own President - it's an 'educated guess' that God may have set up Biden as a judgment upon this country ... which will also trigger the start of the Tribulation Period and the conclusion of the end-times. If Donald Trump were still president, it is unlikely these end-time events would take place.

Biden's Policies Trigger
A Crippling Energy Crisis
In America

America needs to remember that Joe Biden publicly stated, years ago, that he planed to destroy the fossil fuel (oil and gas) industry on which our country depends. The first step in his plan was to cancel the Keystone pipeline from Canada. In just one year America has gone from being oil and energy independent - to now having, once again, to import oil from hostile countries. When he says that he cannot do anything about high gas prices; he's blatantly lying to the American people.

In a video from one of Biden's 2020 campaign stops; he boldly stated: "I guarantee we are going to end fossil fuels"

The Biden administration is totally committed to the fraudulent "Green Energy Revolution", which will force Americans to stop using fossil fuels such as gasoline for their automobiles and natural gas to heat their homes. He intends on doing this by making gasoline so expensive - that Americans will be forced to buy electric cars - or so he thinks. It is Biden's policies - like canceling the Keystone pipeline - that has caused gasoline to skyrocket to over 8 dollars a gallon in some places. He is lying to the American people by blaming Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine for these increases, when it was Biden's green energy agenda that caused the increases.

Senator Cruz: Biden Admin Energy Policy 'Completely Incoherent,' 'Makes No Sense'

Our Response: "No, Senator Cruz - it makes perfect sense if his goal is to 'end' (destroy) America's fossil fuels industry ... as he promised to do."

U.S. Crude Soars Above $130 a Barrel

White House Rejects Idea of Boosting
Domestic Oil Production to
Lower Gas Prices

Donald Trump's 2020 Gas Price Prediction
Comes True: $7 Plus Under Biden

Nation's Average Gas Prices Jump
Nearly 20 Cents In Less Than a Week

China Is Now Ready To Make
Its Move -- And The Middle
East Is In Crisis

As a result of these and other major debacles, China is preparing to invade Taiwan and our allies have lost faith in America's ability to defend its interests under an administration that can no longer be trusted. As a result, the Middle East is currently in a state of transition and confusion--which sets the stage for WW3 and the Tribulation Period to begin in earnest. During the disaster of America's Afghanistan exit, an angry UK called for Biden's impeachment and a former British commander in Afghanistan demanded that Joe Biden be court-martialed. Remember that the UK is one of our closest allies.

We Are In So Much Trouble
By Michael Snyder

UN Chief In 'Bone-Chilling' Statement:
Nuclear War Back "Within Realm Of Possibility"
Over Ukraine

Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Bill Ackman
Says World War III 'Likely Started

Don't Look Now, But There's a Nuclear
Nightmare A-Brewing--By Stephen Green
(PJ Media)

As World War 3 Escalates, Get Ready
For A Terrifying Breakdown Of Our
Food And Energy Systems

America's Military Readiness is
being destroyed from within our
own ranks as WW3 looms on the

National Security Alert: Thousands of U.S.
Special Forces and Combat Troops Discharged
As Total Force 'Vaccination' Decimates
Military Readiness

Biden's Health Official Sworn in as
First-Ever Transgender Four-Star Admiral

The leftist news media is now trying to sweep the whole Afghanistan disaster "under the carpet" since Biden is "their man". Americans should not allow this to happen.

Fox News commentator, Judge Jeanine, can't hold back her frustration any longer and lets loose in the following video. Be advised: Her words may offend some listeners.

The previous White House doctor makes
a clear and astute observation
concerning Joe Biden and the effect
he is having on America.

White House physician who served
under Obama calls for Biden's
immediate resignation

On Friday, Dr. Ronny Jackson stated; "Biden doesn't know what's going on with Ukraine. He Doesn't know what's going on with anything! He's not cognitively capable of leading. He needs to resign before our country suffers anymore."

"Every time he gets up and talks to the American people, it's not just the American people that are watching him speak, it's the whole world, and that's part of what the problem is here. He looks tired, he looks weak, he looks confused, he's incoherent, and it sends a message of weakness all over the world, and they're seizing up on that."

In other words, Dr. Jackson is
saying that America is in deep
trouble with Joe Biden as
President. And, he's not the
only one to express this concern.

With Joe Biden now in office over 16
months, Jesse Watters at FOX News
reveals; "The person who's really
running the country right now".

James Dobson: "I'll say it again for
emphasis: Unless we identify the
incompetent and foolish decision-makers
who created the mess we are in today,
those responsible for it may still be
in power when the next crisis occurs.
In that case, the past will be

Christian leader, James Dobson, urges believers
to demand probe of Afghanistan catastrophe

Former British Commander in Afghanistan
Calls for Joe Biden's Court-Martial

Former British PM Tony Blair
Says Biden's Withdrawal From Afghanistan Is

Biden Is Lying. We Are Going To
Leave Behind Thousands Of Americans
In Afghanistan

Biden Ignored Boris Johnsons' Frantic
Calls for 36 Hours as Bungled Bugout
Was Unfolding

Oliver North Warns Taliban Have Names,
Addresses, Phone Numbers Of Everyone
Who Worked With US In Afghanistan

Ex-Navy SEAL Who Killed Osama bin
Laden Says Biden 'Surrendered
to the Taliban'

Joe Biden Pushes the Dangerous and
Now Discredited Covid Vaccines

Why are we connecting this major crisis to the vaccine controversy? Because the same man who created the debacle in Afghanistan, placed tens of thousands of Americans at risk and has destroyed America's credibility and foreign policy for years to come--is illegally demanding (mandating) that all Americans receive a genetic treatment (falsely referred to as "a vaccine") that is now proven to be lethal and dangerous--possessing a death toll and disabilities list that exceeds all other vaccines administered over the last 20 to 30 years.

Thankfully, the courts have mostly stopped this unconstitutional effort. However, with the renewed fear-mongering over the new variants - along with the blatant lies coming from the administration--a way may be found to circumvent these rulings and hurt (and maybe kill) many more people.

Biden Disinforms At The State Of The
Union About COVID Vaccines. Everything
Biden Said About COVID Vaccines Was
Nonsense--By Dr. Joel S. Hirschhorn

'People are being lied to': Award-winning
doctor shares truth about COVID,
mRNA jabs

Some health care insiders currently estimate the death toll directly related to the Covid vaccines (Note: this is not the Covid virus death toll) in the United States is north of 200,000--and growing. But, a recent study performed at Columbia University places the actual vaccine death toll (again--not the virus death toll) at 400,000--and there are reasons to believe it is much higher. Yet, the Biden administration, along with the FDA, CDC and the NIH, which are now under his authority (and desperately trying to conceal and explain away the body count)--continues to tell the public that these shots are "safe and effective" ... while the credible doctors and microbiologists that embrace real medical science (as they watch an ever-increasing death toll caused by the vaccines) attempt to warn the public that they are not safe.

Watchers estimate that over 65% of all Americans (and a large majority of Christendom) believed the lie and took the treatment...and now the shots are mandated (and approved by the FDA without any safety studies) for children starting at age 5. This action by the FDA is both reckless and outrageous. This is also why a growing number of doctors, including those from America's Frontline Doctors, Children's Health Defense--and Doctors For Covid Ethics ... believe it to be "a major crime against humanity"--AND SO DO WE (more on this later).

They are coming for your kids: Globalists
launch all-out assault on children

D.C. is Now Being Sued for Allowing
Kids to be Vaccinated Without Their
Parents' Consent

Doctors for COVID Ethics: Halt Use
of Pfizer COVID Vaccines in Adolescents

The numbers from the VAERS reporting
system generally managed by the Center
for Disease Control (the CDC) stands
of May 31st, 2022.

However, it has been proven that these
numbers are greatly under-reported...

Healthcare insiders warn that these
numbers may only reflect less than
10% (some claim its closer to 1%) of
the actual number of fetal and infant
deaths. The real numbers are currently
being kept from the public--to protect
the corrupt and now collapsing
pro-Covid vaccine narrative.

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson recently held congressional hearings on the hotly debated subject of Covid vaccine safety. At this hearing, Attorney Thomas Renz presented information from the Department of Defense's own data that uncovers a shocking level of injuries directly caused by the Covid vaccines. In his report (available below from "The Blaze News"); Daniel Horowitz states:

In a declaration under penalty of perjury that Renz plans to use in federal court, Drs. Samuel Sigoloff, Peter Chambers, and Theresa Long - three military doctors - revealed that there has been a 300% increase in DMED codes registered for miscarriages in the military in 2021 over the five-year average. The five-year average was 1,499 codes for miscarriages per year. During the first 10 months of 2021, it was 4,182.


According to the three doctors participating in Renz's case (now headed to Federal court) this represents a nearly 300% increase in miscarriages over previous years, which is obviously something that the DOD, now under the authority of the Biden administration, didn't want the public to see. Keep in mind that this data was only for the first 10 months of 2021. In addition to these findings among women in the military, Attorney Renz also uncovered...

Myocardial infarction 269% increase -- Bell's palsy 291% increase -- congenital malformations (for children of military personnel) 156% increase -- Pulmonary embolisms 467% increase

Additional information is available at the links below. Both Daniel Horowitz and Steve Kirsch are independent journalists who follow this horrific and troubling story of Covid vaccine injuries and deaths--now occurring in our children. We link to Steve's reports because he is careful to present the facts in a world full of lies.

Horowitz: Whistleblowers share DOD medical
data that blows vaccine safety debate
wide open (BlazeNews)

DOD and NIH Are Fraudulently Changing
DOD Data After 3 Whistleblowers Expose
The Vaccine! (The New American)

COVID vaccines and pregnancy: > 172,000
spontaneous abortions due to the vaccine
(Report by Steve Kirsch)

If you weren't already convinced, you
double your risk of cardiac incidents and
the rate of stillborn babies is up by
29 times (but only if you are
vaccinated) Does anyone in authority
care? (Report by Steve Kirsch)

Doctors and medical scientists conducting research on how the Covid vaccines affect the human reproductive system reveal some very disturbing discoveries. Thousands of previously expectant mothers--who miscarried and lost their child are now learning that the so-called "Covid vaccine" they received while pregnant (which is not a vaccine but an experimental and untested genetic treatment)--was most likely the cause. While research continues, strong evidence is mounting that the infants that survive the birthing process of a "Covid vaccinated mother" may be unable to have children when they grow up (this is called "sterilization")--but also, like their mother, may have to live with various diseases that affect the heart, lungs and brain for their entire life.

Hidden Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine
Trial Data suggests all Pregnant
Vaccinated Women Miscarried
(The UK Daily Expose)

This is why Pfizer (with support from
the FDA) is currently asking the courts
to stop the previously ordered release
of their vaccine clinical trial
documentation, which will show that
they knew about it's harmful and
lethal effects.

As the attorney who is seeking the release
of these documents recently stated:

"The public will lose if Pfizer wins."

FDA blockade: Feds try to
withhold 55,000 pages on vaccine
from public, despite court order

DOD and NIH Are Fraudulently Changing
DOD Data After 3 Whistleblowers Expose
The Vaccine! (The New American)

Cover-Up: 17-year-old Dead from
Pfizer Shot, Board of Health Suppresses
Father's Testimony (The Rair Foundation)

It certainly verifies the words of
former VP of Pfizer, Michael Yeadon,
who warned;

"Your government is lying to you
in a way that may take your life
and the life of your children"

These new findings raise many questions and "red flags" concerning the never revealed contents and hidden purpose behind the Covid shots (Hint: They are not designed to protect you from Covid).

We should also remember that Bill Gates (one of the major supporters of the Covid mass vaccination program) publically said (paraphrased) ... 'that global depopulation that was needed to preserve the human race (Note: Depopulation means genocide) would take place through the use of vaccines'.

Pfizer was recently forced by court order to release documentation that reveals some shocking safety information which was hidden from the public...where they knew (through previous clinical trials) that their Covid vaccines were not safe. (More on these subjects later)

To make matters worse, a mandate is now in place requiring all children to get the Covid shots...which knowledgable doctors say they do not need--and that some will not survive. The FDA made the final ruling without any safety studies.

This ruling by the FDA is not only outrageous and reckless, but also an ongoing disaster, which is why another growing death and injury list is currently underway among our young children. As a result, heart-broken parents bury their Covid vaccinated child (or must provide long-term medical care for their surviving "vaccine injured" child)--and are looking for answers.

It's bad enough that over 65 million unborn children in the United States (and far more globally) have been killed through abortion over the last 60 years. Now, the global depopulation elites such as Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab--head of the World Economic Forum (the same people pushing the Covid mass vaccination program) are now coming for the ones who are already born.

If you are a parent thinking about vaccinating your child, please listen to the following videos.

Urgent! Stop FDA Approval of Pfizer Shots
for Kids 6 Months to 4 Years
(From Childrens Health Defense)

MIT doctor urgently warns against
"vaccinating" children

Just in case readers think we're over-reacting to some "conspiracy theory", listen to Klaus Schwab, a powerful billionaire and head of the World Economic Forum describe his plans to kill billions of people--starting with "whites". You can access this information HERE

Also--back in 2017, Klaus Schwab publically stated that he and other billionaire "elites" have infiltrated and now control governments around the world. You can hear about it HERE

This graphic came from,
which is a Christian website that boldly
covers the injuries and deaths being caused
by the COVID shots. For more information
(and pictures), please visit their
site HERE

The real "crime against humanity" is the recent government mandate to vaccinate our children for Covid. Science has already proven that children have no need for these shots. Click on the graphic below to access the Bitchute video testimony of the parents who lost their child after getting the Covid shots--and now want to warn others. Keep in mind that these are only the first to suffer this kind of heart-breaking loss. Many more will follow unless the public stands up and stops it.

We will post more testimonies as
they become available.

Due to the length and crucial nature
of the next topic--it was given a
special page, which can be accessed

Important Information:

All the stories that reveal the truth about the Covid crisis and "the official yet false vaccine narrative" are being suppressed (and even banned) on both social media and the major news networks, especially in the United States. The only possible exception is FOX News that allows some limited discussion on its more popular conservative programs. However, even FOX is slowly becoming part of "the socialist media system".

The Covid news suppression in America is why some of our information originates in Europe, the UK and Australia, where a few open discussions continue to exist about the global vaccine scandal. One example is Dr. Michael Yeadon (Former Pfizer VP and professional microbiologist), who is quoted in this section--and resides in the UK. So far, Yeadon's shocking insights and warnings, given nearly a year ago at the beginning of the so-called "pandemic"--are now proven to be totally correct.

It was Dr. Yeadon who first publically
warned that...

"Your government is lying to you
in a way that may take your life
and the life of your children".

Yet, the Biden administration and the American news media label Yeadon's work (as a professional microbiologist) "dangerous misinformation" ... along with the findings of hundreds of medical scientists, who are now discovering--and warning--about the damage the various Covid 'genetic treatment shots' (deceptively marketed as "vaccines") inflicts upon the human body. Why are these professionals being attacked and threatened? Because they are producing factual scientific information that destroys "the official yet false vaccine narrative".

The almost total suppression of information in America is why we feel compelled to address the evil found in this crisis by including it in the following special section of our website. God actually requires this kind of "watchman-like action" from all His ministers. Due to its size and complexity, we may give this section its own unique page accessible from the main page. But for now we will let it remain in place because of its importance and place in End-Time Bible prophecy. As one pastor told his congregation;

"Folks, this is how it ends!"

It is also needful for visitors to understand that our statements in this section are not based on "bias and personal opinion", but on solid Biblical morality that says it is a sin for governments to lie in order to cover-up murder--that will eventually end in global genocide. For additional proof, we add the research of a growing group of medical professionals that now number in the tens of thousands, yet are being silenced and suppressed by some of the most powerful people in the world--as a way to cover-up their crimes. Some of these brave medical professionals (and their families) receive constant death threats.

The Rock of Offence Ministry Is
In Agreement With the Following

America's Frontline Doctors

Children's Health Defense
(Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.)

Front Line COVID-19
Critical Care Alliance
(Dr. Pierre Kory)

The Unity Project
(Dr. Peter McCullough)

Doctors for Covid Ethics

There are now many others...with a
growing number of healthcare
professionals speaking out on
their own.

In their mission statement, "Doctors
for Covid Ethics" makes the following
proclamation with which our ministry
fully agrees :


"We are hundreds of doctors and scientists from all corners of the globe. We have written three letters to the European Medicines Agency, urgently warning of short term and long term dangers from COVID-19 vaccines, including clotting, bleeding and platelet abnormalities. We first began warning of blood-related risks before media reports of clotting led to vaccine suspensions around the world."

"In the absence of crucial safety data, we are demanding the immediate withdrawal of all experimental gene-based COVID-19 vaccines. We oppose vaccine passports, which threaten public health and violate Nuremberg and other protections. We are warning that 'health passes' place coercive pressure on citizens to submit to dangerous medical experimentation, in return for freedoms that once were human rights."


Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn was a Russian novelist, philosopher, historian, short story writer, and political prisoner. One of the most famous Soviet dissidents, Solzhenitsyn was an outspoken critic of communism and helped to raise global awareness of political repression in the Soviet Union (USSR), in particular the Gulag system. What the world is now facing with this new kind of 'medical tyranny' that is threatening to usurp all civil liberties--is not that different. This is why Solzhenitsyn words still apply...

"We know they are lying, they know they
are lying, they know we know they are
lying, we know they know we know they
are lying, but they are still lying."
--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn--

If you only listen to the major news
networks, you are primarily hearing
the "false vaccine narrative" based
on a "corrupt and politicized medical
science". It is not that different
from the old "Soviet Propaganda" of
the 1950's in its efforts to silence
all opposition. Since it sounds like
'real science' to inexperienced
listeners, the false narrative places
your life and the lives of your family
(especially your children) at extreme many thousands--and soon
to be millions of 'vaccine related
deaths' are now proving--to those who
are refusing to give 'blind obedience'
to any out-of-control government and
the news media that supports it.

Unfortunately, only alternate news outlets such as BreitBart, Gateway Pundit, Citizens Free Press, WorldNetDaily, Canada Free Press, Zero-Hedge, One America News, Whatfinger news, PJ Media...and various others--are faithfully covering these suppressed stories. As a result, the corrupt Covid vaccine establishment is trying to silence these independent news sources--by putting them out of business.

What saddens us the most is that nearly all of the Christian community (most notably Protestants and Evangelicals) is supporting this major (and evil) global program, which the teachings of Jesus Christ and Bible prophecy warns about.

Yet, despite all the efforts to suppress the news, we see evidence that the public (especially those tricked and coerced into receiving the first round of Covid shots) along with previously "closed minded" health care professionals are beginning to wake up--as they watch the body count caused by the so-called "vaccines" grow--and not from the Covid virus as the corrupt news media claims. Various outspoken doctors are now warning that this vaccine-related death toll (estimated to be at around 400,000 in the U.S. alone) is only in its early stages and will get much worse over the next two to three years.

Unfortunately, it may be too late to stop this outcome for reasons discussed later in this section.

We start our coverage with the tragic story of Michael Granata. Michael had supposedly researched the Covid shots and refused to receive them for very good reasons. But, being near 60 years old, his doctor insisted that he get the Covid shots to avoid certain health complications. (Note: We now know that many heart patients are often given this same advice by their doctor) As a result, Michael submitted and took the shots--because he trusted his doctor. Almost immediately he regretted his decision as his health quickly deteriated. Knowing that he was now dying, Michael wrote a warning that is included in his obituary, where he makes a statement about getting the shots: "Don't Do It Unless You Are Ready to Suffer and Die".

Michael also stated: "Many nurses and non-nursing staff begged me and my wife to get the truth out to the public about the Covid-19 vaccines because the truth of deaths from the vaccine was being hidden within the medical profession. I promised I would get the message out."

This story sets the tone for everything covered in this special section of our website. Click on Michael's picture above for the entire story from Gateway Pundit.

Read Michael's Full Obituary Here

This is the story of a grandfather, who traveled from Hong Kong for his granddaughter Kaylie's first birthday celebration (Pictured above). He came down with a serious case of Covid and was on a ventilator--and near death in a Chicago hospital. As a last resort his doctor wanted to give him Ivermectin, but the hospital refused stating that it was too risky (which was a lie since Ivermectin is an FDA approved drug with a 30 year global record of safety). The family then attempted to get a court-order that would allow his doctor to administer Ivermectin. The judge then asked the hospital "what's the downside"--since he was already dying? The hospital said that it was against their policy and that the judge was using "extraordinary" judicial overreach--and that anyone over 71 years of age should not be given Ivermectin (which is also a lie).

Thankfully, the judge overruled the hospital and issued the order allowing the doctor to immediately began a five-day course of Ivermectin. "Every day after Ivermectin, there was accelerated and stable improvement," said the Doctor, who also administered the drug in two previous court cases after hospitals refused. Moreover, after Ng's treatment was complete, the hospital system filed notice that it would appeal the order that had already been carried out. The hospital did this even though Sun Ng seemed to have benefited greatly. This is an example of the kind of pure evil we're dealing with--and it is evil.

"I am not forcing this hospital to do
anything other than to step aside."
--Judge Paul Fullerton's ruling--

The family hired an attorney, Ralph Lorigo from Buffalo, New York. After the hearing Lorigo commented; "That's a terrible set of circumstances that people have to hire a lawyer to save a loved one's life...that is a crime." The patient is not out of the woods yet but is now on a clear path to recovery from certain death--made possible by a this judge's correct ruling against a hospital.

This unethical practice is actually "medical murder". It is occurring in many hospitals (and some nursing homes) across America, which is why those involved need to be held accountable and prosecuted. According to the doctors that use it, Ivermectin has now been proven to safely help patients overcome and recover from Covid--and for many--without the need for hospitalization. But various hospitals are receiving generous compensations and other benefits for pushing the Covid shots, while banning or suppressing anything that competes with it--which includes Ivermectin. Top American doctor Peter McCullough and Dr. Pierre Kory--and others--believe that the death toll from this suppression is in the hundreds of thousands and soon to be millions if it's not stopped (covered later in this section).

We include this story about Sun Ng because it is connected to the same practices that caused the death of Michael Granata (covered previously). Remember that the nurses and staff begged Michael to ... "get the truth out to the public about the Covid-19 vaccines because the truth of deaths from the vaccine was being hidden within the medical profession." Michael made a promise that he would "get the truth out"--and did so by including it in his obituary.

This is a "must read" story

Read about how a judge tells a hospital
to "stand aside" and gives a dying man

Click on the picture below to read a commentary from Global Research ( about the 1750% increase in airline pilot deaths caused by Covid vaccine mandates. As a comparison, there was only 1 death in 2019--6 deaths in 2020 when pilot vaccinations started to be required--and now in 2021 there are 111 deaths--with nearly all pilots vaccinated. The death count is steadily increasing. The pro-vaccine advocates in the media and the pharmaceutical industry are doing damage control by saying that it's just "coincidental" and that there is no evidence that the Covid vaccines caused the deaths. However the now mandatory Covid shots are the only thing that has changed--since pilots must maintain impeccable health in order to fly. Nearly all the major news outlets are refusing to cover this tragedy--because it disproves their pro-vaccine narrative.

Next, we have this happening all over the sports world: "At least 69 athletes collapse in one month, many dead". In this story by "Freewestmedia" the names of the dead and injured are provided. Most atheletes are now "mandated" to get the Covid shot--and just like the airlines ... the pro-vaccine advocates in the media and the pharmaceutical industry are covering this up by saying that it's just "coincidental" and that there is no evidence that the Covid vaccines caused the deaths. Once again, nearly all the major news outlets are refusing to cover this ongoing tragedy--because it disproves their pro-vaccine narrative.

(Click on the graphic for the story from Freewestmedia)

The Stew Peters Show interviews Dr. Jane Ruby
involving the recent crisis in the world
of sports--that major media outlets are trying
to hide and suppress:

Athletes Collapsing Worldwide: Bioweapon
Sends Top Athletes Into Cardiac Arrest

You should also see these reports...

British soccer legend and sports commentator Matt Le Tissier spoke out during an interview with Oracle films about the many athletes who have collapsed or died on the playing field. He had never seen anything like it in the 17 years he had played the sport.

The famous athlete is calling for an investigation into the cause of athletes failing health, most of whom have received the Covid "vaccines." Matt Le Tissier felt a responsibility to speak out after a 5-fold increase in sudden cardiac and unexplained deaths among FIFA players in 2021. He accused leaders who ignore this disturbing phenomenon of "gross dereliction of duty."

Famous Athlete Demands Investigation:
Why Are So Many Players Collapsing on
the Field (Rair Foundation)

Report Shows Nearly 300 Athletes Worldwide
Collapsed or Suffered Cardiac Arrests after
Taking COVID Vaccine This Year--Most Died

UK Funeral Director John O'looney
Also Verifies The Massive Surge
In Deaths In The 500-600% Range
That Started Right After The Covid
Vaccine Rollout

Listen As John Gives His Report
In The Video Below...

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny joins Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, with the latest update on covid vaccines and the fate of humanity. In this interview she provides newly discovered information involving at least 20 different ways the vaccines damage the recipient's body. (Note: Sherri reminds us that medical scientists have studied these shots for only 10 months--a short period of time.)

Dr. Tenpenny also explains why some may feel normal for maybe weeks or months after receiving the Covid shots--but warns that the damage is still taking place...its just taking longer. In Michael Granata's case (previously covered), the damage was almost immediate and resulted in his death a few weeks later. Click on Sherri's picture below to access this "must hear" interview.

On the Stew Peters Show, Dr. Peter McCullough
explains why the current so-called "vaccine
program" should be immediately halted.

The Nuremburg 2.0 International Criminal
Court hearings are moving ahead.

The Grand Jury is now established and in
the following video, Reiner Fuellmich is
making the opening statements. You will
not see this historical information on
the evening news due to the censoring and
suppression of anything that disagrees
with the offical yet false Covid vaccine

The video is embedded in a short commentary
from, which provides some
important contextual information.

If you are unfamiliar with the significance
of the Nuremberg Trials, view the following
video as a quick review.

Tucker Carlson warns America about
what's coming. These Covid
restrictions are just the
beginning. Tucker also comments
on other issues such as the
California recall election and
Biden's debacle in Afganistan

Nicki Minaj Takes A Stand

Tucker surprisingly starts the following program by talking about Nicki Minaj. Nicki is a secular rap music artist with around 22 million followers. She is not a Christian artist--so her appearance and a few of her comments may offend some viewers. Yet, what's important in this segment--is the controversy that exploded when she talked about the Covid shots. She simply told her followers on Twitter to do their own research and pray before making a decision--and briefly mentioned a friend who was injured after his vaccination.

Twitter banned her for this statement--and other black celebraties on the pro-vaccine bandwagon sharply criticized her. But, she stood her ground and refused to be intimidated--and is now boldly speaking out because our basic freedoms are at risk. Here's what we want to know ... "Why isn't the Christian community doing the same thing?" This is a clear moral issue involving right and wrong, good and evil ... so, where are the Christians? Why is a secular artist taking this brave moral stand, while Christians are generally a "no show"? Everyone should hear this important program.

All Readers Should Hear What
Dr. Roger Hodkinson Is Saying
In This Video...

Click On The Graphic Below To Hear
Dr. Ryan Cole's Entire Presentation
At "The White Coat Summit".

Dr. Lee Merritt speaks about the
importance of the VAERS database
and how it reveals a much clearer
picture about the risks and dangers
of receiving the Covid vaccines.
She also explains why it's important
to know that we are not in a war
against a virus ... but in a
war against something far more
deceptive and sinister. Click on
the graphic below to hear
Dr. Merritt's comments at "The
White Coat Summit".

Robert Kennedy, head of "Children's Health
Defense" speaks to Real American News about
what the world may be facing with the mRNA
vaccines that eventually cause ADE, or
Antibody Dependent Enhancement in those who
have received the COVID shots. The outcome
of previous animal trials involving the
vaccines (the ones currently released on the
public)--is what caused the trials to be
immediately halted. We now know that it was
ADE that killed nearly all of the animal
specimens in the test. This is a "must hear"
interview that is suppressed and banned by
most of the global news media and the

If you want to know the truth about the
Covid scam that is endangering the
entire global population, obtain
Robert F. Kennedy's recent book.

Note: Amazon, a member of "Big Tech", is
placing a notice on this link--that
you should contact the CDC for
information about Covid Vaccines.
Robert Kennedy's book may help inform the
public as to why this advice could be
dangerously misleading.

Robert F. Kennedy is the son of U.S. senator Robert F. Kennedy and a nephew of President John F. Kennedy. Robert is the chairman of the board and chief legal counsel for Children's Health Defense - and a New York Times bestseller. In an effort to discredit Robert, the corrupt news media attempts to label him "a conspiracy theorist", which is what they do to everyone they want to silence. However, if you follow his work at Children's Health Defense, Robert is now working to expose the crimes committed by the Covid vaccine program - which is beginning to injure and kill our children. Robert's efforts are helping to destroy the official yet false Covid narrative, which is why the media and various government agencies are desparate to silence him.

The Covid "Vaccinations" Were

In this amazing report from One America News, Dr. Fauci and various US HHS officials are discussing the need to release a virus that will empower governments to force certain "vaccines" on global populations. This interview took place in 2019, less than a year before the COVID pandemic was declared. It is obvious that the lab-created virus they refer to--only exists as the 'catalyst' designed to force certain "experimental vaccines" (which continue to have an undisclosed purpose) on everyone in the world. It is also clear that Dr. Fauci is directly involved in the funding of illegal "Gain-Of-Function COVID Experiments" using US taxpayer money--that made it all possilbe.

This "strategy meeting" proves that the entire global population is currently ensnared in a gigantic evil 'scam' devised by the most powerful people in the world--and the governments that support them. The fact that representatives of the US Health and Human Services are involved in these strategy sessions with Fauci--shows how far up the operation goes. It also explains why many doctors are motivated to participate in the scam (some unknowingly), simply because they have no choice if they want to keep their job and their 'vital' association with the HHS. If you reside in the United States, your doctor is very likely part of this group. Everyone needs to to hear this shocking report.

You can also view the same story as reported
by "Lifesite News" at the following link:

Unearthed video shows Fauci, health
experts discussing 'China' virus,
global vaccines weeks before COVID

Here's another public discussion from 2019 on
CSPAN involving Anthony Fauci...where FORCING
an unproven mRNA vaccine on the public is

Rick Bright, the director of HHS Biomedical
Advanced Research and Development Authority
(BARDA), then speaks and states that what
could happen is that "an entity of
excitement that is completely disruptive
and is not beholden to bureaucratic strings
and processes" could change that. This is
exactly what happened nearly a year later
with the release of the mRNA Covid vaccine
and the mandates.

This whole Covid scandemic was pre-planned
for evil purposes we are only now beginning
to discover--and it has everything to do
with the Biblical end-times.

Also listen as Stefan Oelrich, an executive
at Bayer Pharmaceuticals Division--who
reveals the hidden purpose behind referring
to the Covid shots as "vaccines". The
whole Covid "vaccine" program was designed
to trick the public into accepting a
dangerous genetic treatment that they
ordinarily would not accept. It continues
to remain a secret as to what is in these
shots and why there is such a push to get
the formula into everyone--especially the

Everyone should read this report.

Bayer executive: mRNA shots are 'gene therapy'
marketed as 'vaccines' to gain public trust

Due to their collapsing vaccine narrative,
the NIH now contradicts Dr. Fauci and
admits to funding the illegal "Gain of
Function research" at the Wuhan Lab. This
research is what enabled the creation of
the initial COVID virus (by a partnership
between China and certain entities within
the United States), released on the world
at the beginning of 2020. More information
is available in the following reports...

NIH Contradicts Fauci, Admits Funding
Gain-of-Function Research at
Wuhan Lab (Breitbart)

NIH Admits Funding Gain-Of-Function
COVID Experiments; Gives EcoHealth
Five Days To Report Data (ZeroHedge)

FAUCI LIED: NIH Admits Funding
Gain-of-Function Research at
Wuhan Lab (PJMedia)

Is Endtime Bible Prophecy
Beginning to be Fulfilled?

The following is an important news alert that was recently posted on Facebook--and almost immediately banned by the admins. It is not a "hoax" nor is it "fake news". This is not a report that the American media, the pharmaceutical industry or the Biden administration wants the public to hear. The video quality is poor because the poster had to quickly improvise a way to preserve the video, while ensuring that the comments were understandable. Yet, despite the poor quality--it is certainly worth the effort to hear about this crisis that now showing up in many countries around the world.

The Press Secretary for the Israeli Prime Minister announces "...that vaccinated people are now dying and going to the hospital very sick." There is currently a surge of FULLY VACCINATED Israelis experiencing "breakthrough Covid infections" accompanied by an increasing number of deaths. Even worse, the fully vaccinated, now legally free to go about their daily business, are spreading Covid wherever they go. (Dr. Robert Malone, a creator of the mRNA vaccine--warns about why this is happening later in this section).

If you have listened to the warnings of some of the best doctors in the world--posted in this special section of our website--you already know why this is happening. Early in the pandemic, Israel was looked at as "the world's laboratory", when the government mandated that everyone had to be fully vaccinated--despite the warnings from various medical scientists that mass vaccinations could eventually kill off much of the population. Israel's vaccination ratio is estimated to be at more than 90%. Bible prophecy warns that around two-thirds of the Jews in Israel will perish at the beginning of the Tribulation Period. We don't know for sure, but have to wonder if this is part of that prophecy.

This is a "must-hear" interview
conducted by "Next News Network"
that might save your life.

Rashid Buttar is another "top American Doctor" warning about the Covid Vaccine program. At the beginning--the host of Next News (based in Chicago) takes the time to list Buttar's educational credentials and medical experience, which is extensive. As a result, the listener should pay close attention to what this professional doctor is saying. This is obviously not someone spreading he is often accused of doing by the major media outlets that embrace the Covid pro-vaccine narrative. Dr. Buttar is visibly passionate about these unethical practices and the global depopulation agenda that quietly operates in the background. As a result he provides a massive amount of information in a short period of time due to the constraints often placed on such interviews.

If you refuse to believe there is a
depopulation agenda currently
operating within the healthcare
system--listen to the following
eye-opening interviews.

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet M.D. interviewed
three lawyers and two doctors who are
attempting to raise awareness of the
shocking crimes being commited in many
hospitials across America through the
use of "standared COVID protocols"--many
of which were established by the National
Institutes of Health (NIH), approved by
HHS and pushed on the medical communtiy
by Anthony Fauci.

In Interview #1, Attorney Thomas Renz explains that the government's own data on Medicare/Medicaid treatments show that the Remdesivir drug kills 25% of patients who take it, and that 85% of patients put on ventilators for more than 96 hours end up dying--and claims that this is purposeful and not an accident, as the people in the hospitals clearly know this is happening.

People are saying "don't give me Remdesivir" and they're doing it anyways. That is a battery. Renz issues a strong warning to doctors working in these hospitals that he intends to hold them accountable for murder.

In interview #2, Dr. Bryan Ardis explains how he recently lost his father-in-law to a hospital that forced COVID protocols on him. He has performed extensive studies on the drug Remdesivir and Anthony Fauci's criminal activities in forcing hospitals to use this dangerous drug, while banning other more effective drugs that are safe. Dr. Ardis believes that the use of the dangerous Remdesivir drug is the #1 cause of deaths in COVID wards today--and not the COVID virus. He also states that hospitals are being incentivised financially to recommend Remdesivir over other drugs--like the 20% bonus that is being paid out by Medicare to hospitals that will choose to use Remdesivir for patients 65 years or older.

Interview #3: Attorney Ali Shultz was formerly the lead attorney for America's Frontline Doctors, and currently lives in Arizona where she just recently lost her mother-in-law who was murdered in the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale due to COVID protocols. Her efforts in patient advocacy saved her father-in-law who was eventually released from the Mayo Clinic before they could kill him, and she is now helping others learn how to file criminal charges against hospitals that are killing people through COVID protocols.(Click on the appropriate picture for the interview)

Interview #4: Attorney Lauren Martel has worked together with Dr. Vliet on several patient cases in South Carolina where they were essentially held as prisoners. Attorney Martel talks about the decision makers in these hospitals that are responsible for withholding life-saving treatments for COVID-19. She talks about a whistle blower who warned that there is a plan in place to restrict effective treatments even when patients request them. She is exploring not only legal remedies, but getting law enforcement involved to stop these murderous practices happening in hospitals today.

Attorney Martel also talks about some horrible cases where people went into an ER with no signs of COVID, were given a PCR test and determined to be COVID positive, and then put on COVID protocols even without any symptoms of COVID, and given treatments like Remdesivir ... and ended up dying a week later.

Interview #5: Dr. Peter McCullough is considered to be one of the top doctors in America. He is the chief medical advisor for the "Truth in Health Foundation" and is perhaps the world's best authority right now on proper early treatment protocols...that if implemented right away, will keep one out of the hospital. He laments the fact that in most hospitals the COVID units are "closed units," even in the hospital where he works, and there is no way to know what exactly they are doing and what protocols they are using. But the protocols he has developed are now well published and have a proven track record of efficacy and safety. (Click on the appropriate picture for the interview)

This is a huge turn of events ...

It seems that even the European Parliament
is begining to notice that the fraudulent
vaccine mandates are now a threat to
fundamental human liberties--and to it's
citizens who are now losing everything. Why
isn't this discussion happening in the
United States, where liberties are part of
our system of Laws?

Listen ... as they state their reasons for
opposing the vaccine mandates and the
"passports" associated with these

Jon Rappaport discusses the need for
defeating the COVID narrative and
reveals the facts about why the
"pandemic" was actually a skillfully
planned hoax used to force (mandate)
a dangerous experimental genetic
treatment on the public.

The Red Cross is warning all Americans that
that Covid-vaccinated humans are INELIGIBLE
for donating plasma. New information now
coming to light tells us why.

On the Stew Peters Show a nurse, who wants
to remain annonomous for obvious reasons,
literally destroys the false "Delta
Narrative", and reveals that it's Covid
vaccinated patients that is filling the
hospitals. This is a "must hear" interview.

The Stew Peters Show exposes the ongoing
massive deception at the CDC when they
quietly change the definition of
"Vaccine" in a dishonest effort to shift
the debate to their favor.

In this commentary from the publication "American Thinker" Terry Paulding provides links to two video interviews involving immunologist Dr. Robert Malone - the inventor of the mRNA vaccines now being released upon the public. In these interviews Dr. Malone warns that these vaccines are making getting the virus more dangerous and that--as the Pfizer shot (the least potent of all the jabs) wanes in efficacy - antibody-dependent enhancement (or ADE) takes place.

It's important to remember that Dr. Malone is not some "conspiracy theorist or a spreader of disinformation"--as the media and the government tries to portray him in order to protect their fraudulent narrative. He's the medical scientist who invented the mRNA vaccines in question and is now warning the public about the dangers. Terry Paulding states that listening to these videos may be the most important 20 minutes of your life. We agree.

Access to the popular "Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Robert Malone" is available below. Everyone should listen to this interview since the information it presents is being actively suppressed by social media and major media outlets.

Special Note: The Joe Rogan talk-show and his various interviews contain valuable information about controversies such as the Covid scandal and the danger it represents to the entire global population. As a result, you should keep in mind that this program is secular and not "Christian" in nature. As a result, it may contain language that may be offensive to some visitors.

Access to the popular "Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Peter McCullough" is available below. Everyone should listen to this interview since the information it presents is being actively suppressed by social media and major media outlets.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, one of the leading
members of "Doctors For Covid Ethics" is
interviewed by Alex Newman of "The New
American" concerning the dangers of the
Covid shots. He warns that what is
being falsely marketed as a "vaccine"
is actually a genetic experiment on
humans that will 'Decimate World
Population' and has the research that
proves it.

US Marines Speak Out About Biden's
Vaccine Mandates Which Are Forced
Upon Our Good Soldiers

COVID Vax Mandates Are Wreaking
Havoc in the Military

Freedom Flyers: Airline Industry Workers
Fired for Refusing COVID-19 Shot. See
how they're fighting back.

From the Stew Peters Show: American
Airlines Pilot Suffers Severe Cardiac
Arrest 6 Minutes After Landing Plane,
Blames COVID Vaccine

(Previous post repeated due to importance)
Click on the picture below to read a commentary from Global Research ( about the 1750% increase in airline pilot deaths caused by Covid vaccine mandates. As a comparison, there was only 1 death in 2019--6 deaths in 2020 when pilot vaccinations started to be required--and now in 2021 there are 111 deaths--with nearly all pilots vaccinated. The death count is steadily increasing - and lawsuits are coming.

The Story of Ivermectin
(It's not what the media is
telling you)

COVID, Ivermectin and the Crime of
the Century

Read the actual reports from the
Government database about the
benefits of Ivermectin for humans.

What agencies like the CDC, FDA and
almost the entire news media is now
publically saying about Ivermectin
being exclusively "a horse or animal
medication that has not been tested
on humans" is a lie that is told
to protect their crumbling false
COVID narrative.

The broad spectrum antiviral ivermectin
targets the host nuclear transport importin
a/B1 heterodimer

Ivermectin: a systematic review from
antiviral effects to COVID-19 complementary

Dr. Jane Ruby Reveals Some Startling
Information About The Damage These
So-Called Vaccines Are Doing To The
Recipient's Blood. This Is A "Must
Hear" Interview On The Stew Peters

Click Here For The Interview

Important Note: At Rock of Offence, we are ministers of the Gospel and not medical doctors. For this reason, we have no authority to give anyone medical advice. As a result, any personal comments or observations concerning these so-called vaccines and how they operate did not originally come from us, but are based on the statements and analysis provided by various doctors and microbiologists who have studied the real science - and who are leaders in their field.

In this section on the COVID crisis, we quote prominent medical scientists who are warning the public about the falsehoods of the official pro-vaccine narrative that is now responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of uninformed recipients of the shots. At the top of our list is Dr. Luc Montagnier--a Nobel laureate and former director of the Retrovirology Lab at the Pasteur Institute, which is one of the most highly recognized medical institutions in the world. Dr. Montagnier is probably one of the smartest men on the planet concerning viruses and how they operate. He is joined by other microbiologists quoted on this website--and who agree with his warnings.

Dr. Montagnier, an expert virologist, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2008 with a colleague for their discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV. He recently stated that those who get Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines could experience devastating long-term consequences.

Montagnier has now focused his expertise on the coronavirus and on the experimental and deadly vaccines developed to supposedly eliminate it. He has spoken on multiple occasions regarding how the COVID-19 vaccines cause the development of even deadlier vaccine-borne variants.

Concerning the COVID vaccines now being forced on the public Montagnier states :

"It's very simple, they [coronavirus variants] arise from vaccination," said Montagnier in an interview. The virologist noted that the coronavirus already has a great ability to mutate, like influenza, and many of its later mutations such as the delta variant are empowered by the vaccines."

"It is vaccination that spurs the creation of new strains of the virus," said Montagnier. "The Chinese virus collides with the antibodies created by the vaccine, and it has two paths: Either to die or to look for a way to bypass the vaccine. The new strains are the virus's response to vaccination."

You can get more details at
the following link:

The Covid vaccine is causing the
Covid variants

A surprising turn of events occurred several months ago, when Dr. Robert Malone - the scientist who developed the actual mRNA vaccine technology now in use - suddenly began to warn about the same danger. The news media and the government fears this doctor more than the others because of who he is--which is why they are now trying to destroy him through false accusations and even death threats.

Dr. Robert Malone recently made the following admission. When examining the new incoming data he noticed that the most-vaccinated countries in the world are experiencing a surge in Covid cases, while the least-vaccinated countries are not. He went on to say that "this is worrying me quite a bit."

We need to understand who is saying this and why it's important. Dr. Malone is the prominent medical scientist involved in developing the technology used in the vaccines that are currently being released upon the public. The fact is ... Dr. Malone is 'right to be worried'--since other prominent virologists have been warning for months that mass vaccination will eventually produce a Covid variant that could wipe out whole populations. Now, Dr. Malone is joining them.

Toward the end of the commentary on Dr. Malone (provided below) the following statement is made: "The Nuremberg code was superseded by the World Medical Association Declaration of Helsinki or Helsinki Declaration. In both, informed consent is a requirement. That means participants must be aware that they are participating in an experiment, properly informed about all aspects of the experiment, and informed of any health risks associated with the experiment. The covid nucleic acid experiment, or covid vaccine experiment, violated both; the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Declaration."


Dr. Malone: 'this is worryinng me quite a bit'



Dr. Robert Malone--the primary inventor of the mRNA technology which is used in the COVID vaccines is now warning:

The fully vaccinated are COVID 'super spreaders'. "The idea that if you have a workplace where everybody's vaccinated, you're not going to have virus spread--is totally false. A total lie."

The following are recent news articles
that document the Covid re-infection
occurring among the fully vaccinated,
just as Dr. Montagnier and Dr. Malone
warned. This is bad news for the world
and explains why the Covid shots must
end now--to avoid a possible total
global population wipeout.

Dr. Cole on COVID Shots:
"This is a Poisonous Attack on our
Population and it Needs to Stop Now!"

Massive Death Wave Coming Amidst
Vaccine Mandates While Truth and
Revolution Fill the Air

Biden Doesn't Know That Vaccinated
Individuals Can Still Spread Covid

South Carolina Rep. Ralph Norman, Fully
Vaccinated, Tests Positive For COVID-19

Fully Vaccinated Southwest Airlines Flight
Attendant Dies From Covid-19

Israel, Australia Report 95-99% Hospitalized
are Fully Vaccinated

'Asymptomatic, Fully Vaccinated' Texas
Governor Abbott Tests Positive For COVID


CDC flip-flops AGAIN, now admits
'fully vaccinated' people are
spreading COVID-19 (Must Read)

Pfizer document describes vaccine
"shedding" from person to person
(Must Read) By Jon Rappoport


COVID hits all-vaccinated Carnival Vista
cruise-ship staff, passengers

Okinawa, Japan: 64 Dead From 'Covid'
All Fully Vax'd

Vaccinated Piers Morgan Apparently
Seriously Ill With Covid

The Vaccine, Not Covid, Is
the Threat--By Paul Craig Roberts

Medicare Report: 60% of senior citizens
hospitalized with COVID were 'fully

85% of Covid-19 deaths in New South
Wales, Australia are among the
Fully Vaccinated

Nearly half of those hospitalized in Britain
with the 'Delta Variant' were vaccinated

Alarming Data from PHE Shows the
Fatality Rate in the Vaccinated Under-50s
is 57% Greater Than in the Unvaccinated

Canadian Doctor: 62% of Patients
Vaccinated for COVID Have Permanent
Heart Damage

We also totally agree with Dr. Michael Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer, that this vaccine effort is being led by incredibly evil people. Yet, when we consider that the source of the effort is the soon-to-arrive "anti-christ" - this kind of evil should be no surprise, especially to those Christians who correctly understand the Bible. Very soon God will remove the restraints upon this evil--allowing the entire world to be ruled by this evil dictator.

Covering Up A Big Problem

All of this represents a major problem for the government, the global news media and the Pharmaceutical creators of the so-called "vaccines" (which are not actually vaccines--but an untested genetic treatment). These two prominent scientists--along with Dr. Michael Yeadon (former VP of Pfizer who has been giving a similar warning in the UK for almost a year)--have effectively destroyed the claim that the COVID vaccines will safely and effectively inoculate the recipient from getting the COVID virus. This claim has now been proven to be a lie, which is causing the deaths of thousands around the world.

Contrary to the official narrative, the data proves that what these prominent scientists said is true ... that the so-called "vaccines" not only create the variants, but also - 4 to 6 months later or longer - cause the recipients of the shots to be re-infected in such a way that they become "Covid spreaders"--infecting everyone around them. This often occurs without their knowledge. We are also watching the immune systems of the other surviving recipients of the shots (now weakened by the vaccines and not the COVID virus) fail--causing many of them to die. The data coming in from around the world is showing that this is happening right now. These facts are currently being suppressed at the highest levels of government.

So, why isn't the public hearing about this? Because hundreds of billions of dollars of Pharmaceutical profits go up in smoke if this news becomes public knowledge--along with the destruction of an important globalist depopulation agenda (discussed later in this section). As a result, these doctors - and many others who are sounding a warning - are placed on a black-list accused of being "spreaders of disinformation". A horrific crime is being committed by such actions. It was recently revealed that the Biden administration keeps such a list and uses every opportunity to discredit those who oppose "the official COVID narrative"--and the global news media (with CNN and MSNBC being prominent) does the same thing.

By looking at the latest data available from Public Health England it is easy to see that we will be heading into lockdown either way, because it isn't the unvaccinated that are dying. The latest report reveals that 72% of Covid-19 deaths in England have been among the vaccinated since February 1st 2021 up to September 12th 2021, with the vast majority among the fully vaccinated.

The latest data from Public Health Scotland confirms the same thing. The unvaccinated account for just 19.7% of all Covid-19 deaths since August 14th 2021, while the vaccinated population account for 80.3% of all deaths since the same date, with the fully vaccinated accounting for 76% of the deaths.

Israel is one of the most COVID vaccinated countries in the world. Yet, look what is happening...

Israel, Australia Report 95-99% Hospitalized
are Fully Vaccinated

And here...

Nearly half of those hospitalized in Britain
with the "Delta Variant" were vaccinated

Alarming Data from PHE Shows the
Fatality Rate in the Vaccinated Under-50s
is 57% Greater Than in the Unvaccinated

An Urgent Message to Those
Cooperating with the Vaccine
Mandates :

Refuse to Use the False Narrative
to Force Vaccinations on Your
Employees and Customers.

THINK ABOUT IT. If the vaccines actually
worked as the government and the news media
claim--then the unvaccinated would pose no


To show the kind of lunacy and lies
that come from the media on a daily
basis; here's a statement made by a
prominent London newspaper:

"Anti-vaxxers want to kill your babies..
These people are terrorists who'd
happily kill us.."

These are the kind of statements you hear
coming from those who defend the pro-
vaccine narrative. In one recent address,
President Biden used this exact same
out-of-whack logic to justify his

Also, it is now understood that the
so-called "vaccines"--are not vaccines,
but an untested and dangerous genetic
treatment that can cause irreversible
long term illness and possible death.
They are previously untested, but are
now being forcibly tested on the public,
which violates international law.

As the winter of 2021 approaches, data coming in from around the world reveals that the protection of the COVID shots only lasts a few months--then fades away--leaving behind a weakened and seriously compromised immune system. This is why regular boosters are now being discussed. After protection fades, the Covid shots do not protect your customers, your family, your neighbors--or the recipient of the shots--from the Covid virus or variant. Instead, they enable the recipient (or your "fully vaccinated" employee or customer) to become re-infected, changing them into "Covid spreaders"--without their knowledge. Doctors (such as the ones previously quoted) are warning that this "Covid re-infection surge" will begin this fall and winter ... but is happening now as the fully vaccinated are becoming re-infected with Covid (often called "break-through infections")--and spreading it.

If the boosters are mandated as
expected, it will make this
situation far worse--where each
Covid booster causes more
destruction upon the recipient's
immune system, leaving them open
to diseases their previously
healthy immune system kept in
check. In order to avoid death,
regular boosters will be required
(probably every 4 to 6 months)
for the rest of the recipient's

This is something that is being
kept from the public.

Boosters: how to kill more people
with impunity--By Jon Rappoport

According to a growing number of the world's most respected doctors who follow real medical science (and not the false politicized science the government and the media follows) ... it is the vaccinated - NOT THE UNVACCINATED - who place everyone around them at risk by spreading the COVID variants. Not only will the mandates hurt your company or business (and will bankrupt many of the ones that survived the last lock-down) ... it may also expose you (the owner or CEO) to future lawsuits which are, even now, being filed against these illegal mandates.

We Still Believe in an Individual's
Right to Choose

While agreeing with a growing number of doctors warning about the deliberately hidden damage to the body caused by these Covid shots (and opposing the shots for these reasons), we also seek to protect anyone's right to receive the treatment if they so choose. We only ask that they fully understand the irreversible health issues and possible death they will likely encounter, all of which will negatively impact every member of their family, especially when their children loses a father or mother--and in some cases both.

The following stories are only a
few among thousands of tragic

Jessica Wilson died from "COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT) surrounded by her loving family. She was an exceptionally healthy and vibrant 37-year-old young mother with no underlying health conditions." She died after having a reaction to the J & J shot and after going to the University of Washington Medical Center twice to seek help.

Jessica's family stated that she was killed by the "vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia caused by the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine."--which she didn't want to take (read the story). To make matters worse, Twitter fact-checked her obituary and called the cause of her death (clearly stated as being 'the vaccine') ... as "misleading". This is one more blatant example of the information suppression involving COVID vaccine deaths that takes place, not only in the media but also now in the health care industry.

What a beautiful family this was--and what a tragedy this is, especially for the children. All destroyed because of a vaccine mandate. Click on the picture below for the whole story from "PJ Media".

The following story is from the Wayne Dupree Talk Show website. It tells the recent (and sad) story of a 31 year old health fitness trainer by the name of "Katie" who died in her sleep while taking a nap. Her mother said that Katie received her vaccinations after she had contracted Covid. Her friends and family thought that she was possibly fighting another bout with the disease. They said that she wasn't feeling well at the time--and added that her death was from some kind of "new heart issue".

What stands out in this story is that Katie had developed what friends and family called "a new heart issue", meaning that it was a condition that had recently appeared--and was not something she had been struggling with for years--or was born with. Due to a lack of information, no one in this story, including the writer, is blaming the Covid vaccine for Katie's death. Yet, new research is showing that the most common vaccine injury results in either a sudden heart attack or heart failure often called Myocarditis--along with another condition called Pericarditis.

It is now well documented that an unusually large number athletes and airline pilots -- all required (mandated) to receive the Covid shots -- are suddenly dropping dead. Many just fell over and died while still on the playing field--and it's captured on video for all to see. Pilots in perfect health have died in the cockpit. Airline pilot deaths rose 1750% after the Covid vaccine mandates were rolled out. Professionals who were formerly in perfect physical condition suddenly die with a heart attack? One or two are certainly possible--but not in these kind of numbers. Katie was a 31 year old fitness trainer and most likely in good health before her encounter with Covid and the shots she received.

Wayne Dupree said; "I truly hope the family sorts this out and finds out why a healthy 31-year-old had "heart issues." And let's hope the professionals are honest and don't just sweep this under the rug for "political" reasons".

Our response: In the current environment we don't see "honesty" winning, since most medical investigators work to protect the false narrative behind the Covid vaccines...that they are "safe and effective". Katie's death casts serious doubt on that narrative.

Dupree closed by saying; "What's so sad in all of this, is that Katie was a mom to a 7-year-old little boy. To think that little boy has to grow up without his mom now is just heartbreaking." We agree. Click on the picture below for the whole story from Wayne's website.

Jeff was a Syracuse man warned by his 6-year-old son; "don't get the J&J shot daddy." His Facebook posts revealed that Jeff had believed all the common misinformation from the government, the CDC and the media ... and laughed about taking the shot. He died nine weeks after his Johnson & Johnson Covid injection. Now, that little boy and his brother have lost their father--and their mother is now a widow with pressing financial needs. Click on the picture below for the whole story from "Health Impact News".

Here are just a few more of the
thousands of tragic deaths
connected to these Covid shots.

All of the following photos came from, which is a Christian
website that boldly covers the injuries
and deaths being caused by the COVID shots.
For more information (and pictures),
please visit their site HERE

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Due to the hardship caused by these kinds of losses--we grieve with the Wilson family--and for the Syracuse, NY mother and the two now fatherless young boys. We also grieve with thousands in the Christian community who have similar stories. Unfortunately, due to the large number of these COVID innoculations (estimated to be nearing 3 billion worldwide as of November 2021), more of these stories will certainly follow. But, for those Christians who survived--and now regret the treatments, we encourage you not to live in fear. This is a situation "custom made" for Mark 16:17-19 that promises all believers in Christ; "if you drink (or partake) of any deadly thing it shall not hurt you". It is possible that you did not take these shots deliberately, but did so either under compulsion (in this case compulsion is an illegal act) or by "just not knowing the facts because you were not warned of the dangers". If you will pray to our Heavenly Father and claim this promise "in Jesus name" - as your own - we have no doubt that He will grant your request--because Christ died on the cross to make this benefit freely available to all believers--along with His gift of eternal life. Unfortunately, as good as this benefit is ... it cannot bring back a deceased loved-one. For that we are truly sorry.

"And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink (consume or partake of) anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover." (Mark 16:17-18)

As a Christian ministry, we are deeply concerned about the health of the family, which is now disintegrating before our eyes. After some 22 months of a fraudulent and deceptive global vaccination program, we see thousands of families, soon to be hundreds of thousands (and maybe millions)--literally destroyed by the death of a wage-earner or loved-one, who blindly followed the advice of the media, their friends, their pastor--or even their doctor ... telling them to "just get the shot". These are stories that are suppressed and buried by the news media and the government - because they expose the falsehood of the official narrative that the COVID shot is "safe and effective". However, as the bodies continue to pile up--it becomes harder to hide the truth from the public.

As Dr. Roger Hodkinson recently stated...

"When the history of this madness is
written, reputations will be slaughtered
and there will be blood in the gutter."

We understand that many are being illegally coerced into taking these genetic treatments (deceptively referred to as "vaccines") to remain employed or attend (and teach at) various schools ... which involves a different kind of discussion. We also understand that many are beginning to regret their decision because they were never warned about the dangers--and now realize they were lied to as a regular booster could soon be required to remain "fully vaccinated". This is why, as ministers of the Gospel, we have a responsibility to also warn about the impending end-time calamities prophesied in the Bible - many of which are clearly connected to this incredibly immoral Covid vaccination program ... along with the false science and the many deceived doctors that enable it.

We quote prominent doctors and medical scientists who not only have the authority to give medical advice--but also provide crucial information that everyone should know and understand. Any time such a massive global effort is launched to suppress and ban professional, credible and unbiased doctors--while intimidating and coercing the public into taking an unproven experimental treatment ... alarms should go off. It should be a giant "red flag warning" that a dangerous hidden agenda is in operation (discussed later). In this case your life may literally depend on recognizing the difference between a false narrative and real scientific fact. The problem is ... they both sound the same to the average person.

The Age-Old Struggle About
"How To Recognize Counterfeits"
Often Results in Unintended

Contrary to what many believe, the most dangerous enemy of the true Christian Church - is the false or counterfeit church, which is far bigger and more influential than the real one. A counterfeit of anything (such as counterfeit money) is designed to look nearly identical to the original ... in an effort to replace it. But, when spiritually inexperienced people are tricked into embracing a religious counterfeit, the result is often spiritual death that lasts for eternity (often referred to as "Hell"). Unfortunately, many will learn too late about their mistake. This is why one of the purposes for the Rock of Offence ministry is to expose spiritual counterfeits and the various false gospels connected to them. This whole COVID controversy is based on a similar premise, since it carries spiritual significance directly connected to Bible Prophecy and the end-times.

Dangerous Similarities

Strangely similar to what is going on in the Christian Church concerning 'spiritual counterfeits', the current Covid crisis involves a conflict between a false (counterfeit) "politicized medical science" (used by world governments and almost all major news media outlets) ... and real medical science used by credible doctors who follow its rules and disciplines. Once again, the problem is ... the average person can't tell the difference. Surprisingly, there are many doctors who support the corrupt politicized brand of medical science ... or are told to support it if they want to keep their career. Your doctor is likely part of this group. These are the ones trotted out on cable news to support "the official narrative". Their objective is to convince the public that they are right (often citing their educational credentials as proof), while insisting that all the opposing voices (many of whom are professional doctors and microbiologists)--are giving the public "disinformation and conspiracy theories". Yet, it's the false science (and its many supporters) that lies to the public to further a hidden political agenda that is now clearly pointing to global depopulation. Currently, it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of Americans have died of Covid needlessly--because they followed their advice. More deaths will soon follow.

Concerning the present and ongoing COVID crisis, there are still many things not yet known, but are slowly coming to light. For example; the manufacturers of the so-called "vaccines" clearly state that their product is "experimental" and may have certain unknown long term consequences and effects. Yet, they continue to distribute them to the public as being "safe", which is something that they cannot possibly know.

Top Doctor Peter McCullough, along with
Dr. Joseph Mercola Both Make Shocking

Dr. Peter McCullough -- COVID Vaccines Have
Already Killed 50,000 Americans

Dr. Joseph Mercola Warns Against Covid
Vaccines: 'The People Behind This Should Be
Put In Jail'

June 21, 2021

Now, thanks to FOX News and the newly released "Dr. Fauci emails" major media outlets are admitting that an enormous (and criminal) suppression of information did take place--that needlessly cost the lives of an estimated 5 to 6 hundred thousand Americans. Some sources are saying that it is far greater. The suppression of information about the existence of proven and safe drugs - that could have ended the COVID Pandemic without the need for dangerous vaccines ... occurred at the highest levels of government, the medical and healthcare industry and almost the entire global news media. However, this suppressed information was already being discussed by some of the doctors and medical scientists quoted on this website (one being Dr. Peter McCullough who testified about the illegal suppression during a congressional hearing).

This 'information suppression', along
with the banning of these safe drugs
continues to take place at the
time of this writing.

Why is this "news revelation" important? Because, according to U.S. Law, it is illegal to develop a vaccine against any disease when proven safe and effective drugs already exist that can deal with the problem. This is why the use of these existing safe drugs had to be suppressed and banned to allow the new experimental gene therapy treatments (wrongly referred to as "vaccines") to be released upon the public. This is a global coverup of major proportions--and the FDA and the CDC (and other agencies like the NIH) are directly involved. Everyone should watch the following interview by Maria Bartiromo with US Senator Ron Johnson and COVID-19 Specialist Dr. Pierre Kory.

See the Interview Here

Additional Commentary Available Here
From 'Liberty Beacon'

The Experimental Covid Vaccine
Program Has Violated All 10
Provisions Of The Nuremburg
Code. Major Lawsuits Are

Reiner Fuellmich, who is heading up a
massive legal action concerning the
violation of the International Nuremburg
Code by these "Covid crimes against
humanity" is interviewed by Mike Adams.
Fuellmich's team of over 1000 lawyers
and thousands of doctors from around the
world are requesting "war crime
tribunals" for violations that are far
worse than those committed by
Nazi Germany during the Holocaust.

See the Video Interview Here

Is Nuremburg 2.0 Coming?

Lawyers Promise 'Nuremberg Trials'

Latest Interview with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:
Pandemic is a Global Coup d'Etat

We understand a lot of technical information is being tossed back and forth that causes the average American much confusion. But, there is one important thing to keep in mind during all the chaos: Regardless of what its supporters say - any drug treatment that modifies or alters your DNA ... where the manufacturers warn that they do not know the long term effects ... can never be declared as "safe". To say it is safe is misinformation and propaganda.

According to a growing number of prominent doctors--Covid vaccine recipients are not being told that changes to their DNA and bodily cell structure (caused by the experimental "vaccines") are IRREVERSIBLE along with the unknown consequences that may take 3 months to a year (some doctors are saying up to 4 years) to change into one of many degenerative diseases that attack the heart, brain, reproductive system--and other major organs of the body. Some immunologists are warning that a common long-term consequence of taking the Covid mRNA "vaccine" will be permanent sterilization--primarily in women. Even worse, by receiving such treatments you are volunteering to be part of an experiment (again--with unknown long-term consequences) that may permanently injure or even kill you - sometimes within hours of receiving the "experimental vaccine" (which is actually not a vaccine but a "genetic treatment").

Another medical scientist has recently stepped forward with a frightening admission. He is Canadian immunologist and vaccine researcher; Byram Bridle, Ph.D. It's important to know that Dr. Bridle strongly supports the use of vaccines as do many of the doctors we quote on this website. However, after performing indepth research on the current mRNA Covid vaccines, he made the following observation and statement:

The assumption that vaccine developers have been working with is that the mRNA in the vaccines would primarily remain in and around the vaccination site. Pfizer's data, however, show the mRNA and subsequent spike protein are widely distributed in the body within hours. Dr. Bridle states:

"WE MADE A BIG MISTAKE. We thought the spike protein was a great target antigen; we never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin and was a pathogenic protein. So, by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin."

More information is available below
during Dr. Bridle's interview with
Alex Pierson.

Currently, thousands of families have been robbed of a loved one who blindly followed the "Covid pro-vaccine narrative". Hundreds - soon to be thousands and maybe millions - of preganant mothers have or will have miscarried and lost their child. Reports are now coming in that thousands who received "the shots" are having eyesight problems (over 10,000 in Europe alone as of May 5th 2021) and hundreds have gone blind. Multiple thousands of others now have a permanent disability and will never work again--with the family having to bear the overwhelming financial burden. None of the pro-vaccine advocates in the government or the media will tell you about these family disasters that are growing in number each day.

As of October 9th, 2021 the "reported" death toll attributed to the Covid vaccines has exceeded 82,000 people in the U.S., Europe, the UK, Canada and Australia--and the numbers are rising. But, according to Dr. Peter McCullough, this so-called "official" death toll is greatly understated and is estimated (at the time of this writing in August 2021) to be more than 50,000 in the United States--alone. We are now learning that various medical examiners are told by their employers to record the "cause of death" (on death certificates of Covid vaccine victims) - as "natural causes" in order to protect the "official vaccine narrative". Upon discovering this deceptive practice, some families are demanding a "second opinion" from an independent medical examiner (at considerable cost) and discover that the cause of death was directly related to the vaccine and not "natural causes". This kind of coverup effectively hides the real death toll--and shows the kind of lying and deception we are dealing with. One doctor commented; "Just a few years ago, if even 50 people had died from a new drug it would be permanently removed from the market". This is why the following questions must be answered...

Why is the death-toll understated, covered
up and "explained away" by the Covid
vaccine supporters, when it has now
exceeded all the deaths connected to all
the other vaccines dispensed over the last
30 years? Why are these experimental
Covid treatments being pushed on the public
and treated differently?

The answers to these questions are now
coming to light--and it isn't good.

A number of prominent microbiologists have closely studied and examined the "vaccines", which are not actually vaccines--but a type of "genetic modification". They were horrified at their findings. After collecting our own information over the last 10 months, we are in agreement with certain prominent medical scientists, such as Dr. Michael Yeadon (covered later in this section) and now being joined by Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Robert Cole, Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (and many others), who see a global effort that is almost too horrifying for the average person to accept.

What draws our attention to these findings--is that they describe nearly identical events found in the Book of Revelation; the last book of the Bible.

The evidence shows that these gene-altering vaccines are likely acting as stage two of a "three stage depopulation solution" designed to reduce global population ... while masquerading as protection against the Corona virus. But, the public is not told that the so-called "COVID vaccines" actually provide little to no protection and will actually greatly amplify the spreading of the virus through an auto-immune disorder known as ADE, or Antibody Dependent Enhancement (discussed earlier and in more detail later).

Various doctors and ER personnel are now reporting that more than 60% (in some places it's above 95%) of all new Covid cases are those who were previously vaccinated. This does not agree with what was promised by the pro-Covid vaccine narrative and its supporters--which is why this information is being suppressed and even banned. Yet, we believe that as cases continue to increase among the vaccinated it will be impossible to hide it for much longer.

If the 'well-documented and openly publicized depopulation program' turns out to be true, the first stage was the release of the Covid19 virus from the Wuhan lab in China. The second stage is the vaccine distribution (currently in progress) against the virus. The third stage will be the introduction (or sudden appearance) of a "corona virus-variant" into the population.

This could be what is currently being called "the Delta Variant" ... but is likely another one we haven't seen. This variant will trigger the immune system (now both altered and compromised by the Covid "genetic vaccine") to directly attack the body (not the virus) some unknown time later. This is thought to be anywhere from 3 months to one year (some doctors say up to 4 years) for those who previously received their "shots". Dr. Sherri Tenpenny believes that this happens within 4 to 6 months from inoculation--meaning that it may start this fall and winter of 2021 (but we are actually seeing it start now, in late summer). For some, it could take longer. This immune system attack will result in a wave of death and permanent injuries throughout the world ... but will occur far enough away from the time of vaccination to provide the manufacturers and supporters "plausible deniability".

Some microbiologists are also warning that this condition (involving an altered and compromised immune system caused by the Covid vaccines) forces the virus, from which the vaccine recipients were told they would be immune ... to mutate into a far more dangerous variant. This will ultimately cause "the vaccinated" (not the unvaccinated) to not only become carriers (spreaders) of the new variant - but to become infected (and in many cases reinfected) with the Covid virus from which they were told they had complete immunity, or an 'immunity' that would allow them to return to "normal life". We now know that this promise was accually a lie.

This is why the vaccine manufacturers
are now saying that a booster shot to
protect against any new variant will
be necessary about every 8 months or

In other words, if you do not cooperate
with the government and get your
regular booster shot, your vaccine
passport will be revoked--and you will
be considered "unvaccinated".

Recently, the FDA failed to approve
these "boosters"--claiming that the
science is lacking. However, this will
certainly change as pressure is
applied by the Biden administration.

These vaccine "boosters" will not only
make ADE and the death (and disabilities)
it causes worse than it already is, but
will also bring hundreds of billions of
dollars into the Pharmaceutical companies
that created them. Do you see what is
going on?

Various microbiologists, such as Dr. Lee Merritt recently commented (we are paraphrasing) ... that the vaccine manufacturers did conduct animal trials, where the subjects were injected with the experimental Covid vaccine. Afterwards, the animals were closely observed--and seemed perfectly normal. But at some unspecified time later (thought to be weeks or months), after being exposed to a wild version of the Covid virus (one that the subjects receiving the vaccine should have been immune from) ... all the animals died. Upon seeing this result, the animal trials were terminated and the decision was made to try the same experiment on the global population under the FDA's "Emergency Use Authorization". This is why many are warning that the public is being used as "guinea pigs" in an illegal global experiment that violates all ten provisions of the Nuremburg Code that outlaws such practices.

The Rock of Offence ministry is firmly behind the efforts of Reiner Fuellmich and his team of over 1000 lawyers and doctors to bring this illegal Covid experiment (and all its supporters) that has violated the Nuremburg Code--to justice.

Microbiologists refer to this condition (involving an altered and compromised immune system caused by the Covid vaccines) as ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) - and it is now beginning to occur all over the world, especially in places that are the most heavily vaccinated--like Israel.

It's important to know that ADE or
Antibody Dependent Enhancement is
an auto-immune disorder that
many of those who received the Covid
shots will eventually contract.
Currently, around 2.5 billion people
around the world have received these
shots and are candidates for ADE,
which will make most of them COVID
variant spreaders--along with the
suffering and death it will cause.

This is why our ministry agrees with
a growing number of other doctors who
are saying that it's probably too late
to stop this viral process even if the
shots ended today. Based on the
evidence and the warnings of Dr. Peter
McCullough, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Dr. Lee
Merritt (and others) these genetic
treatments, which are wrongly called
"vaccines" are beginning to look more
like a biological agent designed
for depopulation (genocide)--rather
than a medical remedy to eliminate a

Every true born-again Christian should
oppose this genocidal program.

The problem here is obvious and frightening. Thinking they are protected and "immune" - those who received these COVID shots that utilize the mRNA technology, now freely go about their business, totally unaware that they are likely spreading the new variant to everyone they associate with; which includes both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Corrupt politicians and journalists are trying to blame the unvaccinated for this problem as a dishonest propaganda ploy. They are calling it "the pandemic of the unvaccinated", which we now know is a lie. But, highly respected authorities such as Dr. Luc Montagnier and Dr. Robert Malone warn that it's the vaccinated that's both causing and spreading the new variant.

We repeat the information previously discussed in this section about these two highly respected doctors for emphasis--and not to be overly redundant. What they have to say completely exposes the dangerous "Covid fraud" being forced on the public.

Dr. Luc Montagnier, a Nobel laureate and former director of the Retrovirology Lab at the Pasteur Institute (one of the most highly recognized medical institutes in the world) reports that, in fact, it is the vaccinations that are producing the variants. Dr. Montagnier says that an enormous mistake, an unacceptable mistake, a scientific and medical error has been made. The Covid vaccines are causing new variants that perpetuate the problem.

The Covid vaccine is causing the
Covid variants

Dr. Robert Malone, a pioneer in mRNA vaccines (such as the Covid "vaccines" currently in use) recently made an important admission. When examining the new incoming data he noticed that the most-vaccinated countries in the world are experiencing a surge in Covid cases, while the least-vaccinated countries are not. He went on to say that "this is worrying me quite a bit." Keep in mind that Dr. Malone is one of the prominent medical scientists that developed the technology used in the Covid vaccines now being released upon the public. The fact is ... Dr. Malone should be worried becasue other prominent virologists have been warning for months that mass vaccination will eventually produce a Covid variant that could wipe out whole populations.

In her interview with "The New American"
Dr. Lee Merritt describes how those who
have received the Covid shots can
threaten and harm the unvaccinated.

Covid Vaccine Shedding Hurting Unvaxed?
Dr. Lee Merritt Explains

We agree with Dr. Michael Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer, that this vaccine effort is being led by incredibly evil people. Yet, when we consider that the source of the effort is the soon-to-arrive "anti-christ" - this kind of evil should be no surprise, especially to those Christians who correctly understand the Bible. Very soon the entire world will be ruled by this evil dictator.

Prominent Doctors Are Now Warning
About This Misguided Effort by
Globalists--Now In Operation--To
"Preserve the Human Race Through

Early in the Tribulation - according to the Bible - the death of 2-3 billion people occurs (with more to follow later). The world population is currently about 8 billion. Globalists, such as billionaires Bill Gates (former CEO of MicroSoft) and Klaus Schwab head of the World Economic Forum, are openly talking about the urgent need for a worldwide depopulation effort to guarantee the survival of the human race. But, what Gates avoids saying--is that "preserving the human race through depopulation" requires mass genocide (murder) on a scale never seen before. This makes the Holocaust of WW2 look like a minor "bump-in-the-road". It is also interesting that the Gates Foundation is quietly joined by a loose coalition consisting of the World Economic Forum, the Rockefeller Foundation, World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, the National Institute of Health, the FDA, the Pharmaceutical industry, major global corporations, the Biden administration (and various other world governments)--and many other powerful organizations that quietly agree (in full or in part) with the long-standing plan to "preserve the human race through depopulation".

Just in case readers are tempted to think that we're over-reacting to some "conspiracy theory", listen to Klaus Schwab, a powerful billionaire and head of the World Economic Forum describe his plans to kill billions of people--starting with "whites". You can access this information HERE

Here are the words of another
influential Globalist:

"In the event that I am reincarnated,
I would like to return as a deadly
virus, in order to contribute
something to solve overpopulation."
--Prince Philip--

Note: This reflects the dangerous
way many globalists think.

Special Note: Looking back about 48 years, we can now see the first efforts at depopulation was initiated by the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling (1973) that made abortions legal for the first time. Knowing--what we know now--this landmark decision was not a coincidence. Since that ruling, it is estimated that more than 65 million unborn children have been violently killed (murdered) in the womb under the deceptive narrative of "reponsible family planning" and "a woman's right to choose". It's important to know that the globalists and left-leaning politicians behind this effort (deceptively called "the Pro-Choice Movement) are some of the same ones behind the current depopulation effort. The Holocaust of WW2 killed somewhere between 6 and 10 million--with the targeted majority being Jewish. The United States has now killed over 8 times that number ... innocent pre-born children who will never experience life. And ... the depopulation elites are at it again. With their efforts to now vaccinate all the youth (who have no need for a vaccination), they are coming for the children missed on the first wave. Do you really think God is going to ignore this kind of evil for much longer? What do you think He will say to all the Christians, most notably the evangelicals, who support this effort that actually kills the children He loves?

When you kill the children (both the
unborn and the fully born) you
are also destroying future
generations of humans.

They are coming for your kids: Globalists
launch all-out assault on children

D.C. is Now Being Sued for Allowing
Kids to be Vaccinated Without Their
Parents' Consent

Doctors for COVID Ethics: Halt Use
of Pfizer COVID Vaccines in Adolescents

57 Top Scientists and Doctors: Stop
All Covid Vaccinations

DoD: Heart Inflammation Linked to
COVID Vaccines

Canadian Doctor: 62% of Patients
Vaccinated for COVID Have Permanent
Heart Damage

CDC Begins Mass Extermination Program of
America's Children Aged 12 to 17
Implementing Eugenic Population Control
Measures through COVID-19

Latest CDC VAERS Data Show Reported
Injuries Surpass 11,000 in Ages 12 to 17
Following COVID Vaccines

In Many States Minors may Consent
to Receive COVID-19 Shots Without
Parents' Consent or Knowledge

Make no mistake, most of these powerful people, often referred to as "the deep state" see it as their moral duty to execute this plan--whatever form it takes. All of these groups (and literally hundreds that are unnamed--including nearly all worldwide news media outlets) are leading the current global Covid vaccination effort. Some own the patents on the vaccines being used ... meaning that a huge "conflict of interest" is currently in play. All of this forms a massive interconnected global "Covid vaccine cult" that uses similar tactics as demonic religious cults ... except with nearly unlimited power and media exposure.

The Covid vaccine program is a dangerous global cult that has thousands of doctors as members. Many are fooled by the propaganda and false science, but others are willing participants. You will see some of these doctors interviewed on CNN and MSNBC and the other major news networks. Your own doctor may be a member without knowing its true agenda - or is being forced to participate by their employer. This is why we suggest you learn to treat this whole Covid vaccine effort as a dangerous cult and learn as much as you can about how it operates...because your life may depend on it.

So why is this large and influential group of Globalists pushing so hard - in a near state of panic - to get "everyone vaccinated" against a virus that has a documented 99.5% (or better) survival rate - and can be eradicated using currently existing and safe drugs? To answer this question we need to hear the following comments by a prominent Pfizer immunologist, who has a disturbing and informed perspective about what we are likely dealing with.

In an interview given to both LifeSite News and "Americas Frontline Doctors", Dr. Michael Yeadon (Former Pfizer VP--Yes, its the same "Pfizer" that now makes one of the so called Covid "vaccines") does not present his case from the perspective of Bible prophecy, but warns using strong scientific terminology, about the same horrific outcome. As a result, Yeadon pleads with his audience that the public "must work like crazy to make sure this doesn't happen", BUT ADMITS...

That this deadly future and carefully
planned health crisis (caused by the
vaccines and not the Covid virus) is
probably unstoppable at this point.

Sadly, we agree with Dr. Yeadon's comments, made many months ago. But, a lot has happened since then that verifies his worst fears. With a rising death toll and permanent injuries caused by the Covid "vaccines" (not the Covid virus)--things are certainly getting worse. Some doctors are saying that they believe the bodies will continue piling up until the criminals running this operation can't cover it up anymore. We agree. According to a growing number of microbiologists, the goal of vaccinating all of the world's population (the current U.S. goal is 70% of all citizens) has set into motion an unstoppable viral process that will now take place--even if the Covid shots end today. The new "Delta Variant" is likely a result of this mass vaccination program ... and will be falsely blamed on the unvaccinated as a dishonest way to pressure them to "give in and get vaccinated". However, as various microbiologists have warned, it's the vaccinated who are causing the variant, many of whom (but thankfully not all) will die in the not-to-distant future. Yet, the CDC and its powerful globalist partners will make sure that the unvaccinated receives the blame. Over 2 billion recipients (an estimated global number) have already received their "shots". Enough has already been done for this evil viral process to start ... and the shots will probably continue, unless the public rises up and stops it.

Half of All COVID "Variant" Deaths
Occurring in People Who Were Already

It's Now Starting: CDC Director
Lies to America Announcing Latest
"Pandemic" -- "Pandemic of the

Dr. Fauci backs up the CDC with
another lie--that, 'We'd Have Smallpox and
Polio in the US if the Current Level of
Misinformation Existed Decades Ago'

New York Times Admitted the CDC is
Broken Beyond Repair

The article states: 'The resources wasted and
misinformation spread by the CDC throughout
the COVID-19 pandemic make it difficult to
imagine how the agency could ever be fixed.'

As Demand for Bioweapon Shots Decrease
Governments and Big Tech Look to Squash
Free Speech of Dissenters

Why is the CDC and Dr. Fauci (their spokesman working for the Biden administration) ignoring the growing mountain of scientific data and blatantly lying to the American public? Because the real behind-the-scenes agenda is global depopulation, which only succeeds when everyone gets their "bioweapon shots" (a phrase coined by Dr. Michael McCullough). From information found in his newly released emails, we now know that Dr. Fauci was illegally involved in funding the Wuhan virus - that initially justified the release of the various "Covid vaccines". Both the CDC and Fauci use the "corona virus threat", where they falsely tell the public that the vaccines are "safe and effective"--as a cover for their real intentions. Dr. Michael Yeadon (formerly VP of Pfizer) is right when he says--"the government is lying to you in a way that may take your life and the life of your children". What Fauci and the CDC is doing--is the real misinformation being fed to the public. What we are seeing is the government claiming their misinformation is the truth--while blaming those who actually have the truth (like thousands of credible doctors who follow the real science) with spreading misinformation. This is a classic communist tactic designed to create total confusion ... and was responsible for the deaths of millions of people--not that long ago. Here is the reason this program is succeeding: A majority of the public just can't believe that this kind of evil can operate through people they trust ... such as their CDC affiliated doctor and healthcare provider. It's a mistake that may cost many their lives.

Rand Paul: I Will Be Seeking a Criminal
Referral Against Fauci for Lying
to Congress

Dr. Fauci Faces 5 Years in Prison for Lying
to Congress About Funding Gain-of-function
Research at Wuhan Lab

Due to the corruption currently
in Washington, it is unlikely
that Dr. Fauci or the CDC will
ever be brought up on criminal
charges--despite the fact that
their actions indirectly caused
the deaths of hundreds of
thousands of Americans.

This is why we sadly admit that
there is no chance of stopping
what appears to be a global
depopulation effort that is
actually global genocide on a
scale never seen before. It's
already to late to stop this
viral process even if Fauci goes
to jail.

If what Bible prophecy says is true (and it is) this was going to happen despite anyone's efforts to stop it. All we hope to do now is to make an attempt to save a few lives--and to warn Christians about getting ensnared in this incredibly evil and delusional end-time program. To get a better idea of what we are facing, please read the continuing comments from Dr. Michael Yeadon in the paragraphs below.


Mike Yeadon is a microbiologist and former vice-president of allergy and respiratory research at Pfizer. He spent 32 years working for large pharmaceutical companies and is a leading expert on viral respiratory infections. He is also a man who seeks to inform as many people as possible about the global powerbrokers that are using the pandemic as a smokescreen to conceal their real objectives. The following is some of Yeadon's comments from a recent interview:

"If you wanted to depopulate a significant portion of the world, and to do it in a way that wouldn't require destruction of the environment with nuclear weapons, or poisoning everyone with anthrax or something, and you wanted plausible deniability, whilst you had a multi-year infectious disease crisis; I don't think you could come up with a better plan of work than what seems to be in front of me.

"It's become absolutely clear to me, even when I talk to intelligent people, friends, acquaintances ... and they can tell I'm telling them something important, but they get to the point [where I say] 'your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death and that of your children,' and they can't begin to engage with it. And I think maybe 10% of them understand what I said, and 90% of those blank their understanding of it because it is too difficult.

AND MY CONCERN IS, WE ARE GOING TO LOSE THIS, because people will not deal with the possibility that anyone is so evil ... But I remind you of what happened in Russia in the 20th century, what happened in 1933 to 1945, what happened in, you know, Southeast Asia in some of the most awful times in the post-war era. And, what happened in China with Mao and so on ... We've only got to look back two or three generations. All around us there are people who are as bad as the people doing this. They're all around us.

So, I say to folks, the only thing that really marks this one out, is its scale. But actually, this is probably less bloody, it's less personal, isn't it? The people who are steering this ... it's going to be much easier for them. They don't have to shoot anyone in the face. They don't have to beat someone to death with a baseball bat, or freeze them, starve them, make them work until they die. All of those things did happen two or three generations back ... That's how close we are. And all I'm saying is, some shifts like that are happening again, but now they are using molecular biology."

People 'cannot imagine anything so demonic'"

Yeadon, continues his warning; "I'm well aware of the global crimes against humanity being perpetrated against a large proportion of the worlds population....I have absolutely no doubt that we are in the presence of evil and dangerous products (not a determination I've ever made in a 40-year research career)."

Yeadon continues; "Vaccinating as many of the population as they can, is 'madness'. That with people in good health and under the age of 60 years old vaccinating them is 'wholly unethical to administer something novel and for which the potential for unwanted effects are after a few months is completely uncharacterized.'"

Yeadon continues; "THE EUGENICISTS HAVE GOT HOLD OF THE LEVERS OF POWER and this is a really artful way of getting you to line-up and receive some unspecified thing that will damage you. I have no idea what it will actually be, but it won't be a vaccine because you don't need one. And it won't kill you on the end of the needle because you would spot that.

"It could be something that will produce normal pathology, it will be at various times between vaccination and the event, it will be plausibly deniable because there will be something else going on in the world at that time, in the context of which your demise, or that of your children will look normal.

"That's what I would do if I wanted to get rid of 90 or 95% of the world's population. And I think that's what they're doing." "Now I don't know [for certain] that they're going to use that [system] to kill you, but I can't think of a benign reason, and with that power they certainly could harm you, or control you, so you should object [and strenuously oppose it]."


Dr. Yeadon: "Most of my peers (scientists)
agree with me. But they are threatened and
keep silent." Listen to the following
interview provided by the Highwire Report.
In this interveiw Dr. Yeadon provides the
details about everything that's wrong with
the COVID vaccines and its distrubition
program that he calls "reckless endangerment".

Click Here For Interview
(Rumble Video Presentation)

Dr. Yeadon gives a final warning to humanity
that this COVID vaccine program and agenda is
all about massive population control and
global depopulation - and not necessarily
about stopping a virus.

Dr. Yeadon's Final Warning
(Bitchute Video Presentation)

You can also read about Dr. Yeadon's
interview given to LifeSite News at
the link below.

Former Pfizer VP: 'Your government is
lying to you in a way that could
lead to your death.'

Information Not Reported On
Major News Networks And
'Banned' On The Popular
Social Media Platforms

Naomi Wolf--A Member Of The 'Political Left'
Warns That Vaccine Passports Are 'The End Of
Human Liberty In The West'

The Nightmare in Israel
By Corner Fringe Ministries
(Must See Video on Rumble)

18 Reasons I Won't Be Getting a Covid
Vaccine--By Health Enthusiast
Christian Elliot (A 'Must Read')

Lawsuit Exposes COVID Jabs As Unsafe
Transhumanist Gene Therapies

Godless America: Anticipating The Antichrist

As the death-tolls continue to climb
the pro-vaccine power-brokers are finding
it difficult to hide the numbers. What
many do not realize is that even if
they stop vaccinating now (which will
never happen) - the damage is already

FDA, CDC Recommend Pulling a COVID-19
Vaccine After 6.8 Million Have Already Taken It

CDC pauses Johnson & Johnson injection
citing 'rare' blood clots, but here's what
you're not being told (

TV personality who boasted of being vaccinated,
pressuring her mom to do the same dies
after receiving jab (LifeSiteNews)

Wise Words By Dr Dolores Cahill, Professor
In Immunology And Vaccines

This is an informative brief video that
any one who is thinking of getting
"the shots" ... must watch.

In an interview given to the Hagmann
Report, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny also
warns about the 'delayed-reaction
health threat' (3 to 6 months following
vaccination), calling it; "Bullet Train
to Auschwitz--Crossing the Blood-brain
Barrier". This interview is currently
being "censored" on the popular social
media platforms.

This Covid19 Vaccine Effort Is A Warning That The Tribulation Period Is About To Begin

Bible Prophecy warns about the horrific end-time events that take place during the 7 year Tribulation and the reign of a ruthless and evil world leader know as "the anti-christ". A preview or "the beginning stages" are now unfolding before our very eyes. Many are asking questions about the anti-christ and what form "the mark of the beast" will take.

Before we go any further, we need to make two important statements. First, we are not part of the controversial "anti-vaxx" group (at least not yet). We have received vaccines in the past and will do so again if we are convinced they are needful and safe. We are not "anti-medicine" but we are "anti-bad medicine", which is what these Covid19 vaccines represent. It's so bad that a group consisting of over 1000 lawyers and doctors are claiming that the "vaccine effort" represents one of the most serious violations of the Nuremberg Code--in history. Secondly, contrary to some Christian ministers--the various Corona-virus shots are not "the mark of the beast", simply because a shot or innoculation does not Biblically qualify as "a mark". Yet, as one pastor recently warned; "It will soon become the mark using "Quantum-dot technology" that is now ready to be deployed.

Major Alert: As of Decemmber 8th, 2021--we
learned that this "tatoo" or mark is
now being deployed in Australia--you
can read about it HERE can see that what the Bible warns about is happening NOW, meaning that the appearance of the anti-christ is not far away. Various government officials are warning that everyone will be required to take 'the shots' (and later the quantum-dot tatoo) in order to "buy, sell, remain employed, go to school, travel and conduct business as usual." This is exactly the way the Bible describes "the mark of the beast" - and it's no coincidence that the Tribulation is now imminent--according to a timeline revealed by the Lord Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

We do not have the right to tell anyone to either take the Corona-virus shots - or avoid them. Everyone must be free to decide what to allow into their own body along with the consequences.

Yet, the Bible demands that God's ministers must sound a warning, when certain dangers threaten His people. Contrary to its supporters--what everyone is calling "a vaccine" is not a vaccine. It's man-made "gene modification" (designed in a lab) that alters your DNA in ways that are irreversible and currently unknown. This "gene modification" also alters God's original "human design", which is a practice He forbids and condemns. Vaccine manufacturers reluctantly admit that their product does indeed alter your DNA. One CEO bragged that they were actually 'hacking the software of life' - and they did not know the long-term effects. As a result, many "injuries and permanent disabilities" are now occurring - some resulting in death...and numbers are increasing. According to medical scientists such as retired Pfizer VP, Dr. Michael Yeadon, we will likely see the vaccine death rate (not the virus death rate) skyrocket toward the end of this year. That alone should give anyone a reason, especially Christians, to seriously question this program. Additional information is provided in the various videos and articles found in this section. Pay particular attention to Daystar Christian network's interview of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, the various updates of Calvery Chapel Pastor J.D. Farag, the interviews of Dr. Ryan Cole, the interviews of Dr. Peter McCullough, the interviews of Dr. Lee Merritt, USA Watchdog's interview of Catherine Austin Fitts...and the commentaries by Michael Yeadon (former Pfizer VP)--provided below.

Let No One Deceive You...

Many 'people of faith' do not know that the government has quietly enlisted thousands of ministers to "spread their pro-vaccine narrative" and to help them "control the people"--who should only be 'controlled' by God Himself. If you are a member of a church, it's important to understand that your pastor may be part of this group. As a result--and contrary to their message; you are not "Expressing the love of Jesus" nor are you "Doing your patriotic duty or caring for your fellow citizens" by receiving these experimental (and unethical) gene altering substances.

We can also proclaim, with all boldness, that if Jesus was physically here today He would not receive these shots nor recommend their use.

We understand that many are being wrongly compelled to receive the shots against their will--to keep their job or to attend school...which involves a different kind of discussion. But, what troubles us the most are those Christians who are not being forced, yet are voluntarily and eagerly 'lining up by the millions' to receive these experimental "gene altering" shots--along with churches who are now opening up as "mass vaccination centers". Various ministers who study and understand Bible-prophecy concerning the soon-to-occur Tribulation period are now saying that this is one of the greatest examples of how far Christendom, and especially Evangelicalism, has fallen into the apostasy and delusion of the last days. We sadly agree.

Dr. Michael Yeadon Continues as a Force
for Truth with More Recent Comments

1,000 Lawyers and 10,000 Doctors Join Together
and File Lawsuit to Prosecute the
"2nd Nuremburg Tribunal" Against Corona
Fraud Scandal

Lawsuits Challenging Covid-19
False Claims

117 Employees Sue Houston-Area Hospital
Over Vaccine Mandate, 'You're Forcing
Us to Be Human Guinea Pigs'

Johns Hopkins Prof. Says Half
Of Americans Have Natural Immunity:
'Please, Ignore the CDC Guidance'

Number of COVID Cases in Delhi Crashes
After Mass Distribution of Ivermectin

No Bigger Issue Right Now Than Ivermectin

The FDA Cover-up that Led to the Approval
of the Pfizer Vaccine--By Jon Rappoport

US Senate hearing reveals only a little
over half of NIH, FDA employees have
taken coronavirus vaccine (we wonder
what they know--that the average
American does not?)

57 Top Scientists and Doctors: Stop
All Covid Vaccinations

Prominent physician: Don't get a
COVID shot

Bible Prophecy Updates & Covid
Commentary Index On Pastor J.D.
Farag's Website

Click Here for the Index

Must Hear

Don't Buy The Lie
Pastor J.D. Farag

Can't See The Forest
For The Trees
Pastor J.D. Farag

The following is an important interview and
warning given by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on
Daystar Christian network. This is a
"must hear" interview for all Christians and
concerned Americans. It is currently being
"censored" on the popular social media

The following is a very insightful interview
featuring Dr. Ryan Cole about the confusion
involving the Coronavirus pandemic. This video
is also a "must hear" for anyone who continues
to have questions. It is currently being
"censored" on the popular social media

The truth is finally coming out about the
corrupt practices of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Steve Hilton Report: Dr. Anthony Fauci Is Directly
Responsible with Funding the
Gain-of-Function Studies that Resulted
in Coronavirus Pandemic

A mysterious Death

The Mysterious Death of Dr Fauci's Most
Notable Critic, Just Before COVID-19:
Dr. Kary Mullis, the Inventor of
the PCR Technique (Must See)

Another prominent medical scientist comes
forward with some stunning revelations.

An exclusive interview with Dr. Roger Hodkinson:
"When the history of this madness is written,
reputations will be slaughtered and
there will be blood in the gutter"

The publication "The New American" interviews
German Microbiologist Dr. Sugharit Buakdi
and Dr. Lee Merritt with important warnings
about the pro-vaccine agenda. This information
is currently being "censored" on the popular
social media platforms.

Dr. Merritt warns about the newly discovered
danger of "vaccine shedding"

Investment advisor and former Assistant
Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts
contends CV19 and the vaccines to cure it
represent "the greatest violations of
Nurmberg Code in history". This interview
is currently being "censored" on the popular
social media platforms. But, you can see
it on " at the link below.

Click Here for the Interview

Peter McCullough, MD, one of America's top
doctors, testified before the Senate Committe
on Health and Human Services about how
successful early treatment for Covid makes
vaccines unnecessary--but the treatments are
being censored and blocked. In this interveiw
with Tucker Carlson, McCullough now reveals
how the Feds are actively and unethically
demonizing these treatments to promote the
experimental vaccines.

Supressing and demonizing these inexpensive
and effective treatments has cost hundreds
of thousands of lives--just in the last
8 months.

Dr. McCullough has 600 peer-reviewed publications
to his name. Many have appeared in top-tier
journals such as the New England Journal of
Medicine, Journal of the American Medical
Association and The Lancet. He is the president
of the Cardiorenal Society of America, the
co-editor of Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine
and associate editor of the American Journal of
Cardiology and Cardiorenal Medicine. He has led
monitoring safety boards in major drug trials.

Dr. Lee Merritt has come forward with warnings
about these experimental gene therapy treatments
and speaks about the results of the animal
trials involving the mRNA technology used
in the "vaccines". Most of the public are not
aware that some "animal trials" were
started--but then stopped because all the
animals died when exposed to the "wild virus"
at a later date. No other safety studies
have been performed on these same experimental
treatments now released on the public.

Other Important Information and Warnings
From Prominent Scientists and Doctors

NOTE: Contrary to the false claims and
propaganda of the "Big Tech" companies
that control social media and who are
pushing the false vaccine narrative, the
following commentary is not
"Disinformation and Conspiracy Theories".

NEW WARNING: According to some concerned
virologists and immunologists--vaccinations
are likely to create a new resistant and
unstoppable strain of the Coronavirus that
could kill whole populations. We are now
seeing these new Coronavirus strains begin
to appear - especially in areas that are
the most heavily vaccinated. This information
is currently being kept from the public--and
the planned coverup (a lie) will be to
blame those who refuse to take the shots.

The Messenger is Coming--And Biden White
House Plans 'Vaccine Passports' Requiring
All, Both Small and Great To Be
Marked For Passage (SkyWatchNews)

Legal team wants 'second Nuremberg tribunal'
to try global lockdown promoters for
crimes against humanity

International Criminal Court accepts
Israeli government's Nuremberg Code
violation complaint

Former Pfizer Chief Science Officer
Says "Second Wave" Faked On
False-Positive Tests

6,000% increase in reported vaccine
deaths 1st quarter 2021 compared to
1st quarter 2020

246 Fully Vaccinated Michigan Residents
Test Positive for COVID, With 3 Dead

Moderna's top scientist: 'We are
actually hacking the software of life'

Leaked Video Expose Mark Zuckerberg
Admitting COVID-19 Vaccines Will
Change Your DNA

Important Note: All mRNA vaccines are
"experimental", where long-term
effects are unknown. They are not FDA
approved. In other words, you are part
of their experiment--and experiments
can go terribly wrong. This is not
only evil--but should be illegal.

July 2nd, 2021 CDC Report Shows That
Over 2000 Deaths Associated With The Covid19
Shots In Just One Week

World Health Organization Chief Scientist
Served with Legal Notice for Disinformation
and Suppression of Evidence

Study finds CDC inflated COVID
numbers by 1,600%

How the Center For Disease Control is
manipulating data to prop-up 'vaccine

Death Certificate Clerk confirms deaths
were wrongly labelled as Covid-19
to boost numbers

Feds drop requirement to report
workers' vaccine side effects

Liberty Counsel Stated: "No doubt receiving pressure
from the Biden administration, OSHA suspended the
enforcement requirement to record adverse injuries
or death from COVID shots until May 2022 in order to
push the COVID shots. This politically motivated
change by OSHA is unprecedented," Liberty Counsel

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